Critical strategies for the success of your ecommerce business - by Adobe, Akeneo, Itonomy, Touchwonders, & MultiSafepay

“Some changes are temporary; some will alter the business landscape forever. We must be ready for both.”

On September 13th, MultiSafepay was able to host a joint event by Adobe, Akeneo, Itonomy, Touchwonders, and MultiSafepay. The goal was to provide relevant ecommerce players with insights into the future of ecommerce, and which trends will actively shape this future - all while enjoying a beautiful boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam. 

A summary of the event below:



Progressive Web Apps - A better way of building webshops

Traditionally, webshops were built as one by connecting several parts (front and backend) into one unit. However, with recent innovations, it’s becoming more and more common to split the various sections of your webshop into different pieces. Essentially creating a network of plugins and integrations, out of which you create a webshop that is more suited for various purposes. We call this a Progressive Web App (PWA) or a Headless solution. 
A PWA excels in bringing the possibilities of an application to a website. PWAs work faster and can work with various ecommerce platforms (without internet). A great example is adding a website to a home screen on a mobile phone as a PWA so the user can experience the website like an app. 

PWAs can boost your conversion through:

  • Faster processing speed
  • Better SEO results
  • Improved user experience
  • Better availability

“A PWA increases your findability by being faster and improves the user experience significantly for your customers.”

Heiko Beereboom
Managing Partner @ Touchwonders

Product Information Management - The key to streamlining your business

One of these plugins or integrations a PWA can integrate into your business is a Product Information Management (PIM) solution. If you want to grow your business, challenges are coming at you from all sides. Internal factors, such as technology, available time, or the complexity of new products. Add external factors such as geopolitical events to that, and you’re sure to have your hands full. 
To overcome the challenges mentioned above, stay on top of the ever-shifting evolution of consumer behavior, and ensure your product management is on-point - it’s essential to have the right PIM solution implemented. 

A well-rounded PIM solution can help you:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Go to market more efficiently
  • Increase conversions

A PIM solution essentially acts as the source of truth for your product information. Envision a central point through which all your channels flow to ensure accuracy and efficiency. 

“An isolated PIM is useless. It only creates value through the ecosystem it orchestrates.”

Fred de Gombert
CEO @ Akeneo


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