Better code with our new PHP-SDK

The ecommerce market is one of constant changes and development. Recently there has been a shift towards more custom tailored projects, meaning every integration requires different features and/or integrations. As a merchant this can result in large and unforeseen costs. What is the remedy for this situation? Our brand new PHP-SDK.

This solution is not relevant for merchants that use Magento, WooCommerce or any platform where we currently have free plugins available.


The comparison between API and SDK can be quite confusing, mainly because there are some grey areas where the two meet and overlap. To put it in simple terms:

  • SDKs can contain APIs, but APIs cannot contain SDKs.
  • SDKs are meant for the creation of applications
  • APIs are meant for the functioning of applications

Here is an analogy, if a custom built integration is a house, our API could be considered the blueprint. While our SDK could be seen as the prefab house, based upon the blueprint. It allows the homeowner to quickly scale and build their own house, from the prefabricated building blocks. The main benefit of our SDK is that it’s ready for use, providing you with various functions and features right away.
Saving you the time and effort of setting this up yourself.

The engine of the future

Our new PHP-SDK is the ideal solution for web projects, now and in the future. In short, this is a coding library standard which maintains the robustness of code; leading to fewer bugs and better logging/debugging. We developed our new coding library internally, with support from Yireo.

What can you expect?

As the robustness of the code is kept to high standards, this will result in several other changes and improvements that will significantly improve your experience. It all starts with the implementation of our API, which will be carried out in a swifter, more secure and trustworthy fashion.
Aside from shortening implementations by using our out of the box SDK features, it also prevents unintended errors. The new SDK comes with unit and feature tests that ensure you of properly working code right out of the box.

Object Oriented Design Pattern

The code in our new SDK is a significant improvement over what was available before. The design pattern that we followed when putting our SDK together has led to code that is simpler to understand, reusable in the future, light in memory usage and substantially easier to work with for technically savvy merchants.

As with all our plugins and developments, you can expect full support for the most important MultiSafepay requests. Providing you with access to all our payment methods in the process.


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