Announcing the new MultiSafepay API Reference

Successfully accepting payments starts with a seamless integration. To this end, we’re excited to release the most significant update to our API Reference to date, which will improve the way you interact with our API. This blog article will give you insight into what we’ve changed exactly and what you can expect when diving into our reference.

What’s new?

Fully functional sandbox feature

Perhaps one of the most important functionalities in our new API Reference: the sandbox. Here at MultiSafepay, we believe in learning by doing. The sandbox is the embodiment of that. It lets you test API requests in our test environment right from the API reference: a useful feature for both existing and new users. With our integrated sandbox, you can reference documentation, make real API requests, and explore responses without ever switching tabs. 

To optimize the user experience, we’ve added suggested parameter values and provided ready-made examples for all payment methods, making the sandbox accessible to users of different levels of expertise.

Extensive programming language support

After you’ve read up on our API and used our sandbox to test requests, it’s time to integrate. We’re happy to announce support for 19 languages, including Python, NodeJS, Ruby, and PHP, to streamline integration into your application.

With language support, you can copy and paste working code samples from the sandbox right into your application code.

Navigational improvements

With such a variety of features and functions, overall navigation and categorization were a critical part of our update. We’ve dissected our API and reorganized it into intuitive categories based on feedback and our own experience.
Our wide variety of API requests have been placed into categories such as Payments, Tokens, Refunds, etc., giving you quick access to what you’re looking for. 

Additional feature: Recipes

We understand that not everyone who navigates our API Reference is as familiar with our API as we are. Therefore, we’ve added a feature that takes you by hand and guides you through a step-by-step procedure on how to perform common API actions. These so-called ‘recipes’, break down API requests and show you what to add per step.  
We’ve created recipes for creating a payment page, splitting a payment, discounting an order, and more! 

Want to see what all the fuss is about?

Don’t wait any longer and find out yourself.
Our brand new API Reference is live and ready for you to explore. 

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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