There are new updates for Pay After Delivery

Pay After Delivery is MultiSafepay’s branded post pay solution. The payment method is fully developed by MultiSafepay and is powered by MultiFactor. Pay After Delivery allows online customers to receive their order first and pay later. To provide online customers with a flawless pay after solution and help merchants obtaining optimal revenue, MultiSafepay has added and updated even more functions to Pay After Delivery. Post pay solutions are becoming more and more popular as they enable customers to order products in a very convenient and quick way. By skipping payment procedures, customers are now able to rapidly make purchase decisions and experience instant gratification. Consequently, merchants easily attract new customers and stimulate sales.

A new well-rounded administration

In order to decrease administration complexity, reduce needed procedures and increase easiness in compensating merchant balances, MultiSafepay has made the financing & administration process more efficient. As of now, merchants are able to fund their own balance in the MultiSafepay Control and there are less channels to retrieve funds. Consequently, the new all-around administration function helps merchants to take charge of their finances and maintain a tight administration.

Want to find out more? Visit MultiSafepay’s Documentation Center to find out how to fund your balance in the MultiSafepay Control.

A strengthened fraud filter

With the updated fraud filter, merchants that make use of MultiSafepay’s post pay solution can now better prevent fraud while also maintaining a high conversion rate. By enhancing the range of options in the fraud filter, merchants can now take more control over settings for a safer payment environment and higher acceptance rate. Being able to take control of these settings gives the merchant more freedom to adapt the payment solution to their personal needs.

Click here to learn more about how MultiSafepay prevents fraud and minimizes risk.


Why Pay After Delivery?

Higher Conversion

Nowadays, customers often abandon an online transaction, especially when going through stagnating registration procedures. When adding Pay After Delivery to your checkout, customers are prone to pull through and make a purchase decision. With MultiSafepay’s Pay After Delivery, online customers no longer have to be hesitant in making a purchase decision, but simply order and pay later.

Increased trust

Apart from Pay After Delivery being a conversion booster, adding Pay After Delivery to your checkout also gives rise to other advantages. Post pay solutions are also a great way to build customer trust and create a more loyal customer base. This is because, when you allow your customers to check your product at home before they’ve paid, he/she feels more secure resulting into higher customer trust and loyalty.

Carefree Delivery

When customers do not fulfill their payment, MultiSafepay takes full responsibility of the non-payment risk. That is why, transactions that are fulfilled with MultiSafepay’s post pay solution are guaranteed to find their way to your bank account. Leaving MultiSafepay in charge of the payment logistics will leave you with less paperwork and enables you to focus on a carefree delivery.

For more information on Pay After Delivery and the inner workings of the payment method, checkout MultiSafepay’s documentation center

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