Shopware 6 payment plugin

Shopware 6 is the sequel to Shopware 5, a popular open source ecommerce platform. At the moment, early access is possible and shops have the opportunity to try out a working version of the Shopware 6 webshop.

Payment plugin for shopware 6

MultiSafepay has been developing its first Shopware 6 plugin and it can already be tested! The ecommerce plugin can be downloaded in our Github account and can be integrated in the ecommerce environment.

The plugin is not yet fully functional and is not meant for live/production environment, but gives the opportunity to work together towards creating a seamless product to be launched on the official Shopware 6 release.

Are you a developer interested in Shopware 6?

We look forward to receiving your input! If you have seen an opportunity on how to make it better, create a pull request on Github and fix the integration yourself. We are also looking forward to receiving suggestions on what to fix and work on, contact our integration department at [email protected].

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