Optimize your OpenCart webshop with our new integration

Do you want to improve your OpenCart webshop? MultiSafepay just released a new integration for OpenCart 2.x to 3.x; this integration provides merchants the opportunity to discover a whole range of new features to increase the turnover of your webshop!

The new integration will be easy to install and will help you to lift your OpenCart experience to the next level. It provides you with a whole range of benefits - both, if you are using MultiSafepay's plugin already, but also if you have not been using the MultiSafepay payment platform yet. In no time you will be able to get even more control over your payments, manage them easily via the OpenCart backoffice and boost your turnover.

Get even more control over your payments

Our mission at MultiSafepay is to help you to compile a personalized payment package specifically tailored to your webshop, your target audience and your ambitions.

Our latest integration for OpenCart provides you with extended filter options that allow you to get even more control over your payments. Having more control over your payments brings a large spectrum of benefits with it. These benefits include gaining more and valuable insights into your business, seeing and managing all payment processes and to provide the right payment method to the right customer - which is key for a successful webshop.

The filters provided by the integration allow you to set preferred criteria to customize each payment perfectly suitable for your consumers needs; you can simply determine which payment method to offer according to status of the order, currencies, customer groups and geo zones.

Easily manage your payments via OpenCart backoffice

Besides facilitating the control over your payments, the integration for OpenCart 2.x to 3.x gives you the opportunity to simplify the whole administration process of payments via your Opencart backoffice. Through the Opencart backoffice you receive full support for invoiced, shipped or cancelled orders and you can easily process refunds in your webshop backend from there.

Via the Opencart backoffice, merchants can register orders and send payment links and instructions to their consumers directly in an email, which enables easy and convenient payment transactions for all payment methods. This also provides enhanced opportunities to facilitate the payment process, such as charging the consumer after shipping.

Improve cross-border sales

MultiSafepay has always set out to help merchants improve their cross-border sales by providing multilingual payment pages and local payment methods. The new integration for OpenCart falls exactly in line with these ambitions; it makes it even easier than before for merchants to connect and manage all OpenCart webshop payment methods available with MultiSafepay. This means you can customize your payment method setting per webshop, allowing you to target specific consumer groups. To see which payment methods are available with MultiSafepay click here.

Besides that, the new OpenCart plugin integration does not only support the original OpenCart built-in translation tool. It also gives merchants the chance to select complete ready-to-use-templates in English, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch - an excellent addition to optimize your webshop even more for cross-border sales.

Easy installation and update process

The installation of this new integration is very easy and just a couple of clicks away, both if you are already using MultiSafepay’s OpenCart plugin for your webshop and if you are not using MultiSafepay’s payment platform yet. You can simply install and update the integration via the OpenCart installer tool!

To make the most out of your OpenCart webshop, you can test the integration and all payment methods first by simply switching between test and live environment during setup.

Need assistance? Find out everything you need to know in our MultiSafepay Documentation Center, from Integration to Frequently Asked Questions.

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