Now available - The custom MultiSafepay Craft Commerce plugin!

In order to fully accommodate all segments of the ecommerce market, MultiSafepay strives to deliver a fully functional, in-house developed solution for every major ecommerce platform. Among these various platforms, Craft Commerce finds itself as one of the rising stars of the ecommerce market.

By creating our very first integration for Craft Commerce, existing Craft merchants, and merchants looking into Craft Commerce, will be able to enjoy all the benefits that a partnership with MultiSafepay has to offer. Read all about it in this article.

Craft Commerce in short

Compared to some of the other ecommerce platforms, Craft Commerce can be considered a fairly new platform. Craft focuses mainly on maintaining a flexible, user-friendly system which scales easily to various users’ needs.

One of the strong suits of Craft Commerce lies in its backend, for which simplicity is the key word. Everything is easy to locate and there is no excessive amount of options, just what the user requires. Although simple, the backend is in fact quite powerful; and can be fine tuned to the users preferences.

This also goes for the codebase, Craft as a platform is the definition of extensible, and gives its users complete freedom when it comes to their frontend; including the option to make use of headless ecommerce. Altogether, this results in a flexible platform which has great potential.

MultiSafepay x Craft Commerce

Providing our consumers with a frictionless payment experience and reducing barriers is key to our approach here at MultiSafepay. With each of our plugins, we give our merchants access to our extensive and diverse payment mix, along with various conversion boosting solutions.

For our Craft Commerce plugin, this meant that we implemented various separate payment gateways - with some direct gateways added into the mix as well. By integrating direct payment gateways, we reduce the amount of steps in the checkout - adding to the frictionless payment experience.

Added benefit, the trusted MultiSafepay payment gateways will ensure that your consumers’, as well as your data, is completely safe. Avoiding unnecessary external payment page redirects and offering consumers separate and direct payment gateways are essential in raising the perceived trustworthiness of your webshop.

Complete Billing Suite support

Our Craft Commerce plugin provides you with access to the MultiSafepay Billing Suite, ensuring that you have exactly what your consumer is looking for when it comes to payment options. Our Billing Suite will allow you to offer various post-payment options, from Klarna, to Afterpay, to MultiSafepays very own Pay after Delivery. Other than the regular MultiSafepay payment methods and our Billing Suite, our Craft Commerce plugin will include the option to pay with gift cards.

Besides the aforementioned advantages, our plugin also supports partial and full refunds for non billing suite payment methods, directly from the backend. From this backend you will also be able to manage and customize your order statuses, allowing you to finetune your order status flow to your own preferences.

Last but not least, shipment notifications, our plugin gives you the option to send shipping updates directly from your backend, providing you with an easy to use method of setting orders to shipped, which is essential for billing suite payment methods.

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