Elevate your Magento 2 setup with Vue Storefront

We’re very proud to announce that our Development Team has been working on a new integration for Magento 2. One of the main issues of the Magento 2 frontend is the speed, as it can be quite slow at times. The ideal solution to this? Vue Storefront, one of the premier PWA solutions available.

Besides the aforementioned speed, one of the other goals of this integration is to allow current Magento 2 users to be able to make use of this specific PWA frontend, in combination with their Magento 2 backend. By making the combination between the two we unlock many new possibilities for our consumers. Completing this combination was no easy task, but after many hackathons and long hours at work our team has managed to make this cutting edge integration a reality.
In this article we’ll highlight everything you can expect from our plugin!

What is a PWA?

It’s always good to get the basics right. So as a refresher, a PWA is essentially a responsive website with added functionality to make it serve as a native mobile application. The main difference in user experience for years between applications and responsive websites was the ability to use push notifications in the communication between brands and users and to provide offline experiences. With PWA these two become available for websites.
If you’re looking for more information on PWAs - you can find that here.

Speed is the key

One of the main issues with the Magento 2 front end is that it’s just not fast enough compared to many other options currently available. Luckily, speed is one of the main strong suits of Vue Storefront.
With the integration made by our Development Team, you can boost the speed of your transactions substantially!

Added bonuses

Besides just speed, installing our integration will allow you to integrate the many payment methods that MultiSafepay has to offer. Providing you with a fast, reliable connection to many of the most popular methods of payment. Ensuring that consumers will be able to find their preferred method of payment in the checkout, boosting your conversion in the process.

How can I use this?

Currently available for Magento 2 users, our integration will bring you the best of both worlds by providing you with the benefits of the flexible Vue frontend along with your current Magento 2 backend.
The installation of our plugin is quick and simple, just like the checkout will be for your customers.

Besides our Vue Storefront integration, we also offer a plugin for PWA Studio, another great PWA which can be integrated into your current Magento setup. For more information about our PWA Studio plugin, go to this page.

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