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In the current ecommerce landscape, being flexible with your payment solutions is key for your business’ success. Convenience, security and speed should be at the heart of every payment method. During the COVID19 pandemic, being able to offer a payment method for Click (or Call) & Collect purchases has become an integral part of many stores’ payment options. Through the MultiSafepay payment links, payment can be arranged in a safe and swift manner.

“The MultiSafepay payment links are a great tool to use when a payment solution is needed on the spot, therefore we use them specifically for orders that come in through the phone. We can easily generate them in our backend, after which we send them to our clients - who can then pay them directly before picking up their order. This entire process only takes a couple of minutes.”


What are the payment links and how do they work?

Simpli city is key for payment methods such as these. You want your consumer to be able to process the payment in only a few simple steps. Our payment links will redirect your consumer to a payment environment, where they can select their payment method of choice and finalize the order. Afterwards, the payment status is instantly updated in your MultiSafepay Control.

Ideally, the order flow for a Click & Collect transaction would be as following:

  1. Consumer browses your products on your website,
  2. Consumer enters order through webshop or via phone
  3. The merchant generates a payment link,
  4. Payment link is shared to consumer through email,
  5. Order paid, consumer picks up their order.

Our payment links also come with several customization features, allowing you to edit the period for which a link is valid. Managing your existing payment links can be easily done through the backend of your webshop, giving you an accessible overview of the statuses of all your payment links. Through this menu you can also cancel existing links, in the case of a faulty order, or a consumer backing out of the purchase.

“Besides being a fast and easy method of providing our webshop visitors with a way to pay, we really value the payment links when it comes to orders by phones. Being able to quickly generate a payment link and share it with our consumers is where the MultiSafepay payment links really shine. Allowing us to generate some extra revenue in the process.”

Sounds like music to your ears?


Are you an existing merchant?

Our payment links should already be at your disposal. Read our DOCS for the technical information, or reach out to your account manager for any uncertainties.


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Are you not a MultiSafepay merchant?

Have no fear, our onboarding process has been finetuned to ensure you can start processing payments with us within a matter of days.


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