Klarna Payments now available for Belgium

As one of the leading payment methods, it was only a matter of time before Klarna would make its way to Belgium. Now that Klarna has launched its payment method for Belgium, you can make use of their popular payment method through MultiSafepay. What will adding Klarna Payments to your webshop do for you? We’ll run you through all the advantages that you can expect!

Klarna in short

Klarna was founded in 2005 in Stockholm with the goal of simplifying payments. Klarna develops solutions which make it possible for consumers to pay after receiving the order. MultiSafepay enables you to offer Klarna to your customers with payments by invoice. With Klarna, the consumer receives the products and pays within 14 days. The purchase process is simplified as your customer only needs to enter his/her personal details, additional information such as bank details are not required.

Boost your conversion

One of the main benefits of offering a method of payment where your consumer pays afterwards, is the fact that they can see the product in real life before having to finalize the payment. Thus making it easier for a consumer that’s unsure of their purchase to complete the conversion. Being able to try out the product before paying is a huge plus. Klarna is all about providing a smooth checkout experience, the way they implement their product is the proof of that.

How does it work?

By showing your consumers that you offer Klarna before they reach the checkout, it’s instantly clear that they can use a postpay payment method. Once your consumers reach the checkout, Klarna Payments only asks for essential personal details, the process of entering payment details is short and simple. As an added bonus, and one of the most important reasons of Klarnas success, the payment to you is guaranteed, Klarna makes sure you receive your funds even if they do not receive the payment from the consumer.

Grow your business

Besides just boosting conversion, webshops have noticed an increase of 16% in their average order value, showing that making higher value purchases becomes easier when presented with a postpay option. Another interesting statistic is that webshops who implemented Klarna Payments, received 20% more repeat purchases from clients who paid with Klarna as opposed to card payments.

Looking at the various advantages that Klarna Payments has to offer, it’s a great way of making your checkout easier for consumers. Along with the added benefits that this method of payment brings you, we fully recommend looking into the possibilities.

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