Haibu: Creating a beautiful checkout

Discover how one of the largest online retailers in professional hair and beauty supplies used embedded MultiSafepay payments to grow and expand their business both domestically and abroad.

It’s an important aspect of being successful in online business; knowing your customers’ preferences and acting on it. Haibu is no stranger to this. Over the years, and during their partnership with MultiSafepay, many new trends and innovations have come and been adapted into their online store.

With the latest trends of streamlining and simplifying the purchasing process – Haibu made use of another one of MultiSafepay’s key innovations: payment components.  

About Haibu 

Haibu is one of the most prolific wholesalers in the hair and beauty segment – serving professionals and hair and beauty lovers through various online channels and the Haibu Experience Center in the center of Amersfoort. With over 200 brands and more than 15.000 unique products, Haibu is considered market leader in the Netherlands.

Adapting to the customer 

Providing a smooth and fast payment experience is becoming more and more important. When looking at their analytics, Haibu and MultiSafepay noticed an unnecessary amount of their customers abandoned their purchase during the checkout process, especially when selecting payment methods.   
After consulting with our payment experts, we came up with just the right solution: payment components. 

To create the right payment experience, looking at potential areas for friction is essential. Offering too many (yes it’s possible) payment methods can lead to something called ‘choice overload’, which is what you don’t want – you’re essentially giving the consumer too many choices. By streamlining the checkout, and sorting payment methods dynamically (based on several parameters), choice overload can be eliminated and unnecessary time spent in the checkout will be reduced.  

That’s exactly what our payment components are designed to do: Offer the right payment methods at the right time to the right customer. 

Embed the payment experience 

With the transaction volume our platform handles, we’re given a unique insight into trends and developments that occur in the payment process. We noticed that the shorter the payment process, the better the conversion rate. To facilitate this for our customers, payment components were developed.  

Essentially, our payment component integrates the entire payment process into the checkout. Whereas a normal credit card payment sends the customer to an external site for authentication, our solution embeds this entire process in the checkout. Perfect for companies that aim to streamline the payment process and improve customer satisfaction.  

Instant results 

After implementation of payment components, Haibu noticed a direct increase in conversion across the board – up to 15% conversion increase depending on the payment method.  

The partnership with MultiSafepay has really reaped its benefits for us. We’ve always been happy about the integration, the contact between us and MultiSafepay, and the quick payouts, but this addition has helped us get even more out of our existing web traffic.” 

Mitchell te Velthuis,  
E-commerce manager Haibu 

Looking ahead 

While payment solution needs differ for each company, there’s one constant: Payments are a strategic driver of revenue and growth.  

"Integrating components into our webshop meant offering our customers a better way to pay, which is something we’ll strive to keep doing,” says Mitchell. 

Together with MultiSafepay, Haibu is looking to the future and can not only meet their customers’ needs but anticipate and surpass them.  

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