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Payments are changing. In a time with an Uber for this or a subscription for that merchants need to offer speed and convenience during the checkout. Trial periods, subscription models, 1-click payments, partial shipments, all these techniques are directed at consumers to provide a frictionless and quick payment or subscription. The less effort the consumer has to do to repeat a purchase or subscribe to a service the bigger the chances are that they will. To this end, MultiSafepay has created all new features for you to use while keeping all security and safety concerns that come with storing credit card and payment data at MultiSafepay. So that you can focus on providing the best consumer experience during the checkout.

Being Acquirer and Processor for the major credit cards ensures already many advantages for ecommerce retailers, but with these new features we took 3 steps forward! As these topics can be a bit complex we’ve separated them per use case, so if you want to offer subscriptions, validate or update stored payment methods, partially ship orders, use pre-authorization or simplify your checkout, you can read more on 0-autohorization, tokenization or manual capture below.

Manual capture for your shipments

You may decide to ship your order in several takes, or to charge a service only once it has been consumed rather than when it has been ordered. Your stock may also be empty or late. As we all know, there are several factors to take into account in business. This is why we developed a service to let you decide when and how much to receive of a previously authorized payment without rising unease among your customers. Manual capture is the new improved payment flow for credit card payments offered by MultiSafepay, Acquirer and Processor for Visa and Mastercard.

What is manual capture and how does it work?

In order to help you manage your payments more efficiently, MultiSafepay has made available a new payment flow, the manual capture (or pre-authorization). In brief, this will allow you to authorize a payment with your consumer and receive the funds in full, partially or gradually at a later stage. That is, you will receive the correct amount of funds when the product or service is actually delivered, aligning your administration, finance and warehouse efforts.


  • More control: you will have the chance to authorize the payment first and to receive the funds at a later stage in full, partially or in multiple captures.
  • Increased trust: your payment will not appear on the consumer’s bank account until you manually capture the full or partial amount. He/she will not be billed for orders and services not received, increasing trust in your brand.
  • Match charges and shipments: manage payments accordingly to your shipments, it will allow you to align your administration efforts with your finance flow.
  • Less chargebacks: when an order is not shipped, delayed or denied you will not capture the payment, decreasing the likelihood of chargebacks and reimbursements.

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