MultiSafepay Acquirer and Processor

for Visa and Mastercard

One-party credit card transactions


Benefit from a one-party credit card payment flow with direct connection to the credit card schemes. Get safer and faster payments with MultiSafepay as your acquirer and processor for Visa and Mastercard. Enjoy a single party managing the whole transaction flow and avoid too many entities handling your transactions. Experience a credit card transaction flow with a streamlined and localized payment chain.

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Endless benefits for your webshop

Faster, safer, better credit card payments

Streamlined payment process, higher payment conversion rates, higher security, better insight data and less waiting time in one single solution, all over Europe. Enjoy even more benefits with MultiSafepay, Acquirer and Processor for Visa and Mastercard credit cards.



Higher security

Improved security with risk management localization.

Less delivery time

Cut delays and avoid software miscommunication.

Better insight data

More accurate insights with aggregate data.

Higher success rate

Better payment acceptance rates for local and cross-border payments.