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MultiSafepay Acquirer and Processor

for Visa, Mastercard, Bancontact and American Express

One-party credit card transactions


By integrating the end to end payment flow for credit cards MultiSafepay relies on it’s own infrastructure rather than using multiple third parties. Your transactions are handled from the moment that the consumer pays to the settlement on your balance entirely by MultiSafepay. This ensures higher availability and resilience, faster processing, and in turn maximizing your conversion. Without any other third parties MultiSafepay ensures faster settlement of funds and lower processing costs. Full control over the end to end experience.

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Endless benefits for your webshop

Faster, safer, better credit card payments

Streamlined payment process, higher conversion rate, higher resilience, real-time lower processing costs and no third parties involved in one single solution, all over Europe. Enjoy even more benefits with MultiSafepay Acquirer and Processor.


Higher conversion rate

Better payment acceptance rates for local and cross-border payments.

Faster settlement

Cut delays and avoid time waste for faster settlement.

No third parties

Payments handled by one single platform, no third parties required.

Higher availability

With less parties in the middle, we guarantee our uptime.