Boost your online sales with our latest payment method: Monizze

Today, offering a variety of payment methods in your (online) store is key to maximizing your potential. In Belgium, offering extra-legal benefits to employees in the form of vouchers is extremely popular. Monizze is one of the three issuers of these vouchers with more than 700,000 daily users.

Monizze helps increase people’s purchasing power by offering simple digital solutions to employers and employees. With MultiSafepay’s dedication to delivering the best local payment experiences, Monizze was a must-add to the Belgian checkouts.

In this article we will dive deeper into Monizze as a payment method and all the benefits for your business.

MultiSafepay & Monizze

MultiSafepay and Monizze share the same philosophy of wanting to offer the best services and products possible to their clients. It was only logical for the both of us to start working together to facilitate the life of our daily users.

How Monizze will help your webshop

Monizze is a 100% digital company that increases people’s purchasing power with simple digital solutions. They allow employers to offer their employees a variety of vouchers as an extra-legal benefit. It’s a simple, secure, and efficient way for employers to manage employee benefits and for employees to use them. Monizze constantly innovates to develop integrated and easy-to-use solutions that perfectly match the needs of the market. With more than 700,000 daily users, offering Monizze as a payment method in your webshop is a great way of attracting new clients (and increasing your revenue). Additionally, offering this payment method will grant you more exposure on the Monizze website, adding another route for new customers to find you. To top it off, Monizze requires no activation or subscription costs to offer their services.

Monizze’s Vouchers

You can accept three types of Monizze vouchers in your webshop: meal, eco and gift. The user has them gathered on one card and in one app. Let’s discuss them:

#1 Meal voucher: Users can purchase everything related to food and drinks.
This includes restaurants, grocery stores, and other online shops that sell food and drinks.

#2 Eco voucher: This type of voucher is used for eco-friendly products and services, ranging from an eco-friendly fridge to a new (or second-hand) bike . A list can be found on the official website of the “national labour council” (conseil national du travail/nationale arbeidsraad) where the list gets revised annually.

#3 Gift voucher: The name speaks for itself. Gift vouchers allow the employees to treat themselves. They can be used to purchase toys, games, perfumes, tablets, but also for tickets to the amusement park or a cinema.

The choice is yours when it comes to what vouchers you would like to accept. You can choose to only accept one, a combination of two, or all three. You choose the vouchers that match your business the best.

Optional extra: Dealzz platform

The Dealzz platform is an online, closed platform where Monizze's 700,000 users can spend their vouchers and benefit from discounts and interesting gift cards. By meeting certain standards (like offering a specific discount), businesses can be added to this marketplace-type product. This creates more visibility for businesses, as well as new customers and more revenue.

How to activate Monizze as a payment method?

Activating Monizze is easy and can be done in no-time. You can activate it following these simple steps:

Ready to add Monizze to your checkout?

Follow the steps above if you’re already a MultiSafepay merchant. If you’re not with us yet – no worries. Get started in no-time or have a chat with our ecommerce experts, we’re happy to help.

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