Black Friday 2020 - Results

It was no secret that the booming ecommerce market would deliver record-breaking results during this Black Friday, and unsurprisingly - records were indeed shattered.

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Winners and losers

All across the board, almost every single sector has shown an increase in total turnover, which correlates to the increase we see year over year or compared to a normal week. When comparing all transactions processed to last year, we see an increase of 35% - showing a substantial difference. When looking at the numbers for a normal week we see almost double the amount of transactions.

When zooming in and looking at the top grossing sector, fashion retains its crown for Black Friday, followed by travel-leisure-gaming, furniture and food. Looking at the lowest grossing categories, we find cars and pets all the way at the bottom.

Trends and takeaways

Due to overall size, not every category can reach the same total numbers in turnover, so in order to uncover trends we’ve also had a closer look and compared the results to last year's Black Friday results. When we do that and focus on total transactions, we see an increase in nearly every category - with cars being the sole exception. The biggest differences are seen in the services, furniture, food, health/beauty and pets categories, in that order. When looking at the results for a normal week, fashion and health/beauty show a staggering increase of approximately two times as many sales as normal.

Interesting to note is that when looking at all the orders, there is a slight reduction in the average order value, however due to the drastic increase in amount of orders the total turnover increased by about a third.
Peak hours for Black Friday sales were between 10-12 o’clock, slightly before 5 o’ clock and after 7 o’clock.

View our infographic for a more detailed overview of this year's Black Fridays statistics.

All in all, Black Friday 2020 was one for the record books.

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