7 reasons why you should use the new MultiSafepay Opencart 4 plugin

Just in case you didn't know, OpenCart is a popular open-source ecommerce platform currently used by over 350,000 online businesses worldwide.

You can download and use it free of charge, and it offers many features that can be extended by plugins. The launch of OpenCart 4 was a quality leap in the operation of this platform, introducing major improvements over OpenCart 3.

MultiSafepay wants to contribute to this new update by OpenCart, and we have created a new plugin that allows you to integrate the the right payment solutions for your ecommerce business without any issues.

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Advantages of OpenCart 4 and the new MultiSafepay plugin

OpenCart 4 has added a lot of benefits to make the management of your webshop easier for you.

In version 4, the user interface has been updated to be modern and user-friendly, and the performance improved too with better response times and loading speed.

Also, one-step checkout was integrated, making it easier for customer purchases by saving them unnecessary steps, which helps your conversion. Besides, it includes more advanced security measures to protect customer data and comply with GDPR regulations.

With the MultiSafepay plugin, you can access several extra features that refine your online checkout, increasing your sales and revenue. Boost your webshop, getting better results in less time.

Sound interesting? Well, wait until seeing what you can do with our plugin for OpenCart 4.

# 1 All payment methods at your disposal

You will have more than 40 local and global payment methods at your disposal, enabling you to set up an effective payment strategy and tailor your checkout to the local market, helping you to increase your profits.

Having a customized checkout by country is vital for your online shop. Customers trust the payment methods they know and which they usually make their purchases with, thus generating more confidence in your website.

You can also add popular BNPL and digital wallet payment methods such as Pay After Delivery Installments or Apple Pay to your checkout. Give your clients payment flexibility for their online purchases and reduce your unpaid risk

With the MultiSafepay plugin, you can show the payment methods sorted by markets according to your users' preferences with no additional effort.

# 2 Multi-store support

This allows you to manage multiple shops from OpenCart 4. You can configure each shop separately, defining product catalogues, prices, and other custom features. This will simplify your operations since you can manage all of them from a single control panel, saving time and effort as opposed to managing various platforms separately.

Access all your online shops with just one click.

# 3 Improve your operational workflow 

Our plugin lets you manage your day-to-day tasks more easily from your OpenCart 4 dashboard.  

Refunds, shipments, and cancellations are essential for your webshop. Optimizing the process of these type of transactions helps you to simplify your workflow and improve your user experience, saving valuable time and money.

Empower your conversion with less effort. 

# 4 Payment component for credit and debit cards

You can embed major credit and debit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, or American Express directly in your checkout. So your users don’t have to leave your webshop for payments by card. Never worry about conversion optimisation again. We take care of the payment flow.

In addition, you can tokenize your customers' sensitive data, i.e., automatically encrypt it using a code or token and store it in a virtual safe. This way, in case of a security breach on your webshop, hackers would have nothing to do, saving you a lot of headaches and money in expensive fines. 

Tokenization also facilitates recurring payments for your customers, as the data is stored securely, when your customers make a new purchase, the fields in the checkout are automatically filled in, shortening the entire purchasing process. 

# 5 Test mode

Our plugin for OpenCart 4 allows you to experiment with our different features, so you can test them and debug your webshop, without impacting its performance.  

With MultiSafepay's test mode, you minimize the risk of errors, being able to detect and correct bugs, without altering your database or customers who are currently performing any type of transaction on your web. 

In addition, you can easily switch from test mode to real mode. 

# 6 Second Chance email

Another advantage of our new plugin is the Second Chance emails.  

Send a reminder mail out to customers who have abandoned their cart in your online shop to urge them to complete the purchase. You can automate these emails, decide when to send them out and personalise the message, and add offers, such as exclusive discounts, reminders of the products in the shopping cart, free shipping options, etc.  

Nowadays, abandoned cart emails are one of the most effective tools for recovering sales.

# 7 Personalize the status of your orders

Customizing the status of your webshop's orders is more important than it seems. It keeps your customers informed about the status of their purchase, clearing up doubts and avoiding unnecessary calls or emails to customer service.  

Personalizing the response sent at each transaction step will facilitate your working environment and improve the user experience on your website.  

How to install our plugin for OpenCart 4

The first thing to do would be to update your OpenCart version, or if you still need to start working with this platform, you’d have to install this version.  

Then you would have to follow these simple steps, as the installation process is quite intuitive: 

  1. Login to your OpenCart 4 backend. 
  2. Download the MultiSafepay plugin. 
  3. Go to Extensions > Installer. 
  4. Click “Upload” and select the file. 
  5. Click the “Install” button. 
  6. Once installed, click on the Extensions option in the main menu. 
  7. Select “Extensions” and then “Payments”.  
  8. Look for MultiSafepay in the list and click “Install”. 

Learn more about our installation process here

Build a frictionless payment experience with MultiSafepay

As experts in payment solutions, we are always aware of the market and its trends to offer a service tailored to the needs of each ecommerce business. Our ecommerce solutions will remove barriers to your online sales. 

We have many local and global payment methods and ready-made integrations. If your business also has a physical store, you can connect your online and in-person payments through our omnichannel solutions.  We will very soon present our omnichannel system, with various POS systems for your physical shop so you can take your business anywhere.   

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We will be delighted to help you. 

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