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Black Friday 2021 results: consolidation in E-commerce

The volume of online transactions during Black Friday grew by 13% compared to 2020. This is an interesting finding when we consider that there were…

03 Dec 2021

Checklist: a standout checkout for Black Friday

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. The growth of 'Singles Day' and Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week, have extended this period,…

18 Nov 2021

Black Friday Session #10 - The right payment method mix

Whether you want to improve conversion in your domestic market or expand internationally, offering the right payment methods to your customers is…

09 Nov 2021

Black Friday Session #9: Create a mobile-friendly checkout

Would you like to improve your shopper experience and increase conversion during Black Friday period and beyond with just a few improvements? Then…

03 Nov 2021

WeChat Pay - reach over 800 million users

In Europe today, and across the world, millions of Chinese citizens and overseas-based Chinese use WeChat Pay as their primary payment method. 


02 Nov 2021

Improve your checkout with the updated Magento 2 plugin

To maximize checkout conversion and drive growth for your business, it’s essential to offer your customers the most seamless experience possible


01 Nov 2021

Future-proof your Magento 2 integration

Whether you are a Magento 2 user already working with MultiSafepay, or a business on Magento looking to work with a new payments partner, you’ll want…

29 Oct 2021

Black Friday Session #8 - Digital wallets

With the continued rise of online shopping and ecommerce over the last few years, people are now saying goodbye to physical wallets and purses. The…

28 Oct 2021

Black Friday Session #7: Secure and seamless checkouts with tokenization

Improving the checkout journey for your customers is very important in creating outstanding shopping experiences. Last Black Friday, our data revealed…

21 Oct 2021

Black Friday #6: Reduce shopping cart abandonment with Second Chance emails

Last chance, low in stock, almost gone - these are all buzzwords that draw online shoppers’ attention. Not wanting to miss out on a good opportunity,…

14 Oct 2021