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We offer a variety of terminals, from small, mobile terminals, to large, stationary terminals – sure to fit your business needs.

All the payment terminals that MultiSafepay offers


If you need a lightweight, compact, and above all, mobile POS solution, look no further than the LITE SE. Made to run apps and process payments wherever you need them.

NFC, magnetic strip, chip, and QR code


12.7cm HD multi-touchscreen

Splash, dust, and 1.2m drop resistant

2/3/4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Based on Android 11 Go


Our flagship terminal is outfitted with a strong CPU, perfect for running advanced apps. It’s large HD+ screen and built-in printer allow both payments on the move or as a fixed countertop solution.

NFC, magnetic strip, chip, and QR code


15cm HD multi-touchscreen

1m drop resistant

2/3/4G (Dual SIM), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Based on Android 11 Go


Need a printer, but don’t use demanding applications? Our SE terminal is the answer. Similar in usage to our PRO terminal, but more affordable.

NFC, magnetic strip, chip, and QR code

1-2GB RAM + 8-16GB ROM

13cm HD multi-touchscreen

Dust and splash resistant

2/3/4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Based on Android 11 Go


As our dedicated fixed countertop solution, the SMARTPAD can be attached to a kiosk or cash register, but also used as a standalone terminal. Perfect for every business looking for a fixed terminal.

NFC, magnetic strip, chip, and QR code

1-2GB RAM + 8-16GB Flash

11cm large horizontal screen

IP53 water resistant

Based on Android 9.0


One terminal, endless opportunity. Our P3 MIX can be used on the go or as a fixed terminal. Its large screen and processing power allow you to run advanced apps for countless use cases. Optional rotating base for easy customer interaction.

NFC, magnetic strip, chip, and QR code


26cm HD touchscreen

80mm printer

2/3/4G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi


Based on Android 13

Already own a payment terminal?

Already processing in-person payments with a different party? No worries. We also offer the option to install our software on your existing hardware. This’ll provide you with the same advantages we offer through our own terminals.

C-TAP terminals are responsible for up to 80% of all in-person payments in The Netherlands and Belgium. MultiSafepay accepts and supports C-TAP payments as well, which enables you to bring your channels together into a single payment partner.

If you're unsure what kind of terminal you have, please reach out to our ecommerce experts directly.

No need to buy new terminals

Use the trusted MultiSafepay payment network

Available on all CTAP compatible devices

All payment methods through one contract

We offer over 35 payment methods, all available through one contract, with no additional costs.

Always the latest payment solutions

Being innovative is in our DNA. With MultiSafepay, you're using the latest, best payment solutions in the market.

Local European support teams

Our support teams speak Dutch, Italian, German, Spanish, and French. Always there to help your business.

Simplify your business operations

Automate your accounting through our smart solutions. Save valuable time and optimize your workflow.

Advanced reporting & analytics

Take a deep dive into your business in our dashboard. From your customer's details to your payment trends.

Connect your online and in-person payments

Create a unified customer view and create the perfect customer journey across all channels.

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