Working at MultiSafepay during COVID-19

These are challenging and uncharted times, however, Multisafepay remains vested in its core belief, that our staff is what makes the difference. Our offices in Spain and Amsterdam have been closed, in Spain by mandate and in Amsterdam by choice. The outbreak hit Spain harder but we are doing our best to keep the daily working routine as normal as possible, in order to give our colleagues some semblance of normalcy. However, we also understand that, especially with kids running around due to closed schools or simply being confined at home rather than being at one of our offices, this is not entirely possible.

How to work from home?

As a company, we have always encouraged our colleagues to work from home or remotely. We believe that giving them the freedom and the trust they deserve increases happiness, together with final results. Being confined at home for longer periods, however, is new to most of us.

We have moved standups to video conferencing, many small 1-on-1 are now being handled via chat or video - nothing new for our international team - and we try to keep the mood still a bit light with a lot of humor and energy.

It stands out that working together has become increasingly important now that everyone is working remotely for a longer period of time. For some teams this was already business as usual but for other teams this is new. Thankfully everyone is handling this very well and video calls or chat messages are now as quick as simply walking over to each other’s desk.

One of our best efforts was moving the office bootcamp to the internet! Our Spanish and Dutch offices used to work out twice a week after work, now, we train all together on a daily basis! This creates an electrifying energy at the end of the day, not only providing lots of fun and strengthening for our team but also a much needed physiological and physiological gain!

A note from our CEO

Our CEO truly believes in sport and the positive effects it has on performance, “I think it is important to stay fit, especially during this period when we are confined at home. Training together during social distancing gives us an extra dynamism within the organization. Besides, it gives us an opportunity to support the personal trainer sector - whose industry is suffering greatly”.

The benefits don’t stop there, using your home as an office in many cases lacks the professional level of equipment we have at the office, a good chair, a variable height desk, laptop stands, and so on. We have provided all possible equipment to our colleagues to mitigate the effects of bad posture, but the risk of strains on the body is still higher than in the office. The daily bootcamp at the end of the day also alleviates the issues here. After trying it, we highly recommend every business to do the same! And it also provides much needed assistance of local small businesses and entrepreneurs, so it truly benefits everyone involved.

We've provided our employees with the depicted equipment, so they can work out at home comfortably and in the correct way.




Stay healthy, stay safe


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