Shopware releases the new 5.3 version

Shopware recently launched a new customer and retailer friendly version of their software. Shopware 5.3 has several new features, including templates for the shopping worlds, customer streams and more filter features.

You can filter your customer's needs

We live in a fast-paced world; no one wants to waste their time hunting down the right product by scrolling through endless lists of products you don't want. That's why Shopware 5.3 has new exciting features to filter the products on your website. It allows online shoppers to find products faster and is more customer friendly. One of the greatest advantages of this platform is that it offers the possibility to target customers with emotional selling in just a few clicks.

Check your buyers' behavior

With Shopware you can now categorize clients and segment them according to their online shopping behavior. Thanks to the integration of this information you can show tailored solutions, products and characteristics to your clients based on their past purchases.

Build the perfect online store with shopping worlds

Shopware implemented the latest version with new presets. The new templates, so-called shopping worlds, enable you to create the right experience for your clients. With Shopware 5.3 you can access even more tools to tickle your client's emotions. you can customize pages and write more accurate stories and descriptions of products; the perfect tool to apply the 'emotional selling' theory on online selling.

Use story telling to delight your customers

Generally, when selling online, we need to adapt physical stores to the digital world, what we could call 'mission impossible'. It is difficult to reach the customer directly and play his/her emotions. To be successful online you need powerful tools that can reach the heart of your client and get a both rational and emotional response. Customized pages, an intuitive layout, specific descriptions of products are all important facets when you want to move your customer.

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