MultiSafepay: Styling your new payment pages

In order to offer your customers the best possible online shopping experience, it is important to consider your payment pages. Payment pages are generally connected to your payment service provider, but are an intrinsic part of your website: this is where your customer pays for his/her purchase. Apart from a 'thank you' page, it is also generally the last page your customer sees. To offer your customers a pleasant and seamless user-experience on these pages, therefore, is crucial. It can make or break your customer relationships. 

That is why we have improved our payment pages, and made it easier for you to tailor your payment pages. Want to know how you can improve your customer experience? Follow these steps:

How it works

To edit your payment pages complete the following steps: 

Start by adding the logo of your company or your website here


2.Navigate to Settings > Payment Page Templates

3.Upload your logo

Once you have uploaded your logo, you can start editing your payment page: 

1.Navigate to the Switch Board

2.Select a website you want to edit payment pages for and click on the blue 'Template' button

You are now in the Template Editor. Here you can customize more elements of your payment pages: 

1.Select the logo you previously uploaded

2.Change colors of texts, buttons, and/or elements to suit your company branding

3.Load a preview of your applied changes and save once you're happy with the results.

There you go! Your new payment pages are live! With your new payment pages, you get: 

More languages, including right-to-left Hebrew and Arabic

Improved modern look

Automated keyboard selection

Mobile First Design

Faster load time

Do you have any questions about the new payment pages? Consult our FAQ. Can't find your question? Contact us.

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