Dutch Ecommerce Trends

The ecommerce industry is a fast-paced sector where webshop owners have to quickly adapt to the demand, newest trends and technologies. Studies on market developments and forecasts are essential for webshop owners to gain success. In partnership with the Ecommerce foundation, MultiSafepay shares ecommerce insights to provide retailers with the latest developments. Want to know how to enhance checkout conversion? How to decrease cart abandonment? Which payment methods best attract the target market? MultiSafepay gathered the most relevant findings from the Ecommerce Foundation results to answer these questions and more.

Ecommerce trends in The Netherlands

For ecommerce platforms already selling in the Netherlands it is no surprise that iDEAL leads the ecommerce transactions panorama, but Ecommerce Foundation unveiled shocking numbers: 88% of Dutch online consumers used iDEAL at least once in 2018. Taking into consideration Dutch online shoppers are in total 11.5 million, there is an amount of 10,1 million of potential consumers that you can reach when offering iDEAL cross-border in the Netherlands!

In addition, MultiSafepay offers special functionalities to its merchants for this specific payment method that promotes branding and clarity. When trying to convert a bigger share of Dutch customers, webshops should always keep into account what target audience they are serving. The info graphics on the bottom of this page state countries favorite payment methods. In this way, you are ready to boost your checkout with the right payment methods, specified for the right audience. Furthermore, there are many reasons for customers to abandon a shopping cart. In order to increase conversion, one should be aware of the reason behind shopping cart abandonment. There are many details that come into play considering why customers leave a transaction, and there are therefore many things you can do to prevent this from happening.

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