Black Friday 2021 results: consolidation in E-commerce

The volume of online transactions during Black Friday grew by 13% compared to 2020. This is an interesting finding when we consider that there were fewer restriction measures for physical retail compared to last year’s Black Friday. Another trend observed over the past months is how retailers anticipated the surge in business, with 27% of ecommerce businesses in Europe adding new products to their catalogs well before the start of the peak season.

In this article we explore some of the most relevant data about Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday in 2021.

Positive results during Black Friday 2021 

The 13% increase in the volume of online transactions this year is significant, especially if we take into account that physical commerce operated with more restrictions in Europe during Black Friday 2020.      

Overall, almost every single sector experienced an increase in total turnover - with the exception of the automotive sector, which was very likely caused by a shortage of computer chips as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Checkouts during Black Friday 2021

Digital wallets are one of the clear winners this Black Friday - as well as online shops that offered their customers multiple payment methods to choose from in their checkouts.

BNPL payment methods broke new usage records during Black Friday 2021, a trend that seems to continue during the Christmas campaign.

Consumer trends during Black Friday 2021

In certain countries, Black Friday 2020 was marked by total or partial restrictions on business. This year experts predicted that more shoppers would turn to online business, especially for those looking to have Christmas shopping done during this event. 

Looking at the top sectors we found that health, beauty, and pets have been the verticals that recorded the most purchases. But also interest in wellness, aesthetics and health has been growing since the beginning of the pandemic. The pandemic also led to the mass adoption of pets, which resulted in an increase for this category. Fashion, our winning category from last year, registered a 15% increase this year. 

During Cyber ​​Monday, gaming and home appliance purchases registered the highest purchase volume in their history - which is an indicator that buyers are still interested in new releases and annual trends.

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How to prepare for Black Friday 2022

Already thinking about Black Friday 2022? We've learnt over the last years that the next sales season is coming faster than expected and it's never too early to prepare. Further down we explore some of the data that will become trends for ecommerce in the coming year:

  • Offer multiple payment options: increase your conversion rate and improve customers’ satisfaction.
  • Personalized shopping experiences: add value to your services by giving your online shop a personal touch. Compared to the massive sales strategies of big brands, genuine and personal values can make your business stand out for many potential customers. 
  • Subscription models: turn buyers into loyal customers and offer them exclusive benefits and rewards. 
  • Mobile platforms updated: create the most successful shopping experience. 
  • Social commerce: the rise of social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and TikTok can be used to build brand awareness and market your ecommerce business. 
  • Think internationally: ecommerce has no limits, forget all the boundaries and open your mind to new markets. 

Whether you have started thinking about Black Friday 2022, or you are thinking about integrating Magento 2 updates to offer recurring payments and optimize your checkouts for future campaigns, do not hesitate to contact us. At MultiSafepay, we will help you find the most suitable technological solution for your business model. 

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