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Easily accept payments through our custom-built Shopify app. Over 35 payment methods through one contract.

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Create the Shopify checkout your customers are looking for

Looking for the most extensive checkout in the Shopify ecosystem? You’ve come to the right address. Our PCI-compliant checkout ensures that your consumers can use the payment methods they prefer and is easy to set up for you.

Through MultiSafepay, you can swiftly accept a variety of payment methods, such as iDeal or Bancontact, but also Buy Now, Pay Later methods, like Pay After Delivery. After signing up, you can accept payments in a matter of minutes.

Enjoy a pricing model that matches your business, the latest conversion enhancing features, and extensive reporting and invoicing tools.

Download our free MultiSafepay Shopify app and get started right away.

  • Free app, no startup or monthly costs

  • Access the MultiSafepay Dashboard and MultiSafepay app for free

  • Style your communications to match your branding

  • Flexible reporting integrations and features

  • In-house risk and fraud monitoring

  • Accept and process payments in various currencies through our multi-currency feature

Shopify specific features

Control your shipments
Looking to ship your order in several parts or to charge for a service only when it’s been consumed rather than when it’s been ordered?

Manual capture and partial shipment allow you to decide when and how much you charge and keep your administration and logistics on point.

Smart creditcard fields
Create a responsive checkout procedure for credit cards. We automatically detect which credit card is being entered into the payment fields, after which we’ll adjust the displayed information to ensure maximum trustworthiness.

Increase the trustworthiness of your brand and lower dropouts.

With a flexible platform such as Shopify, most users are looking for a reliable payment integration.

Our plugin gives users access to every payment method they need, keeps things simple, and offers them the refined reporting and reconciliation features MultiSafepay is known for.”

MultiSafepay Dashboard and APP

As a MultiSafepay merchant, you will get direct access to the MultiSafepay app and dashboard. This will give you instant access to your online transactions anywhere, anytime from now on, and a better picture of your business.

Link your transactions to your accounting application
Easily export your transactions to popular accounting programs such as Exact, King, AFAS or SnelStart in CODA, MT940 or CAMT053.

Get insight into your transactions
Our dashboard gives you comprehensive insights and data on how your business is developing. Look at your year-on-year reports and get a clear picture of your business at a glance.


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  • Seamless creditcard payments
  • One-click payments

Accept local and international payment methods


The most popular payment method in the Netherlands.

American Express

Popular credit card among affluent customers, especially in the USA.


Easy, direct payments through online banking.

Request to Pay

Direct banking powered by Deutsche Bank.

V Pay

The debit card by Visa for the European market.

Apple Pay

Apple's very own branded digital wallet.


Debit and prepaid payments by MasterCard.


Swift and secure online banking method.

iDEAL in3

Pay for various purchases in three terms.

SEPA Direct

Easily invoice your customers on a recurring basis


One of the most popular payment methods in Belgium

Bank Transfer

The European standard for bank transfers.


Popular direct banking method for Belgium


Well-known and trusted Buy-Now Pay-Later option


Create a customized payment timeline.


China's leading third-party online payment solution


Italy's very own reloadable debit card


The standard of payment methods in Austria.


Your go-to transaction solution for the Polish market.


The highly popular debit card of Denmark


Highly popular postpay method from Sweden

Gift cards

Attract new customers by including gift cards into your mix

Pay After Delivery

Our very own buy now pay later method.


A flexible and secure digital wallet for payments


Germany’s most accepted online payment method


The leading payment method for Belgium


One of the most popular, globally preferred credit cards.


Internationally known credit card provider.


Banking method supporting various payment options

WeChat Pay

One of the most popular digital wallets from China


One of the leading producers of vouchers for Belgium

Shopify is an excellent ecommerce platform that is easy to use and very user-friendly. The platform has everything you need to set up and run a successful online store

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As a collecting Payment Service Provider, you can rest easy knowing we will take care of the entire payment process. From the agreements to the technical details, to the payment collections - we've got you covered.

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Our account managers are always available to help you. Through a pro-active approach, we believe that we can help each other succeed. By being inquisitive and solving problems, we'll remove barriers for you.

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