Magento 2

Manage all your payment methods in your webshop with one plugin

Do you want to accept payments easily and quickly in your Magento 2 webshop? Then you've come to the right place.

You can accept a wide range of payment methods via MultiSafepay, from local payment methods such as iDeal or Bancontact, to popular international payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal, or Alipay.
After you have registered you can process payments with us in no time.

Enjoy rates that fit your business, the latest conversion-enhancing solutions, and extensive reporting and billing tools.

Download the free MultiSafepay Magento 2 checkout plugin and get started right away.

  • Free plugin, no start-up costs, no monthly costs

  • MultiSafepay Control Dashboard and MultiSafepay control app

  • Fully customizable communication (email templates)

  • Versatile reporting options

  • In-house risk and fraud monitoring

Magento 2 features

Magento Vault
Sell faster, safer, and more to recurring customers by saving sensitive payment details in Magento Vault, tokenization by Magento. Tokenization creates a swift and safe payment procedure by converting sensitive data into a token. This token is then saved in the Magento database and used for swift one-click purchases. 

Magento Instant Purchase
Skip the checkout page completely and sell your products directly from the product page with this instant purchase feature. If your visitor has certain checks enabled (e.g. shipping address), they can buy a product directly from your overview page. 

ExtDN & MultiSafepay
We’re not the only PSP with a Magento 2 integration, but we are the only PSP that has been invited to join the ExtDN.

By being invited into the ExtDN, we’ve strengthened our bonds with some of the brightest Magento developers across the globe.

Dashboard e App di MultiSafepay 

Come merchant di MultiSafepay, godrai dell'accesso diretto alla nostra app e alla nostra dashboard. In questo modo potrai monitorare lo stato delle tue transazioni online ovunque e in qualsiasi momento, e avere una panoramica più chiara della tua attività. 

Collega le transazioni alla tua applicazione per la contabilità 
Esporta in modo facile e veloce le tue transazioni nei programmi di contabilità più diffusi, come Exact, King, AFAS o SnelStart in CODA, MT940 e CAMT053. 

Analizza le tue transazioni 
La nostra dashboard ti fornisce informazioni e dettagli specifici sull'andamento del tuo business. Dai un'occhiata ai tuoi report annuali e ottieni immediatamente un quadro completo dei tuoi affari. 


  • Is the MultiSafepay plugin compatible with my checkout?
  • We support almost every Magento 2 checkout, like Amasty One Step Checkout, Hyvä, and MagePlaza. Visit our Docs for more information. 
  • Is the Magento plugin available in English?
  • Yes
  • Do you support generic gateways?
  • Yes, we support generic gateways, allowing you to add payment methods manually. This can also be used for gift cards.
  • Do you offer Magento Vault and Magento Instant Purchase?
  • Through our plugin you can activate both features, boosting your conversion in the process. 

Accept local and international payment methods


The most popular payment method in the Netherlands.

American Express

Popular credit card among affluent customers, especially in the USA.


Easy, direct payments through online banking.

Request to Pay

Direct banking powered by Deutsche Bank.

V Pay

The debit card by Visa for the European market.

Apple Pay

Apple's very own branded digital wallet.


Debit and prepaid payments by MasterCard.


Swift and secure online banking method.

iDEAL in3

Pay for various purchases in three terms.

SEPA Direct

Easily invoice your customers on a recurring basis


One of the most popular payment methods in Belgium

Bank Transfer

The European standard for bank transfers.


Popular direct banking method for Belgium


Well-known and trusted Buy-Now Pay-Later option


Create a customized payment timeline.


China's leading third-party online payment solution


Italy's very own reloadable debit card


The standard of payment methods in Austria.


Your go-to transaction solution for the Polish market.


The highly popular debit card of Denmark

Cartes Bancaires

The optimal payment experience for French customers.


Highly popular postpay method from Sweden

Gift cards

Attract new customers by including gift cards into your mix

Pay After Delivery

Our very own buy now pay later method.


A flexible and secure digital wallet for payments


Germany’s most accepted online payment method


The leading payment method for Belgium


One of the most popular, globally preferred credit cards.


Internationally known credit card provider.


Banking method supporting various payment options

WeChat Pay

One of the most popular digital wallets from China


One of the leading producers of vouchers for Belgium


Pay easily and securely with paysafecard

Google Pay

The digital wallet by Google.

Amazon Pay

Frictionless wallet payments by Amazon. 

We write all code for our integrations in-house.

Writing it ourselves ensures that we can continuously upgrade and develop our integrations based on the latest trends.

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L'acquisizione dei clienti è solo l'inizio. Aumenta il tuo tasso di conversione con le nostre funzioni di pagamento avanzate, come le mail di Seconda Chance, i pagamenti con un clic e le soluzioni per il checkout integrato. 

Ti offriamo pagamenti senza pensieri 

Potrai dormire sonni tranquilli sapendo che saremo noi a occuparci dell'intero processo di pagamento. Dagli accordi iniziali ai minimi dettagli tecnici, fino alle riscossioni: penseremo a tutto noi. 

In noi troverai un partner dedicato 

I nostri account manager sono sempre a tua disposizione per darti il supporto di cui hai bisogno. Con un approccio proattivo, siamo certi che potremo aiutarci reciprocamente a raggiungere il successo. Siamo un team di persone curiose e in grado di risolvere le criticità, e saremo felici di rimuovere qualsiasi ostacolo alla tua crescita. 

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