One of the most popular payment methods in Belgium

Seamless online payments for Belgium

Reach customers of two of Belgium's largest banks: French-speaking CBC and Dutch-speaking KBC.

Available online or on the go.


KBC/CBC features:
• Full and partial refunds 
Split payments 




12 million clients
Staple in Belgium
For more information, see KBC/CBC

Customer benefits:

  • Familiar banking environment
  • Instant and secure

Merchant benefits:

  • Guaranteed settlement
  • No chargebacks

How KBC/CBC works

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Redirect uw klanten naar onze eigen veilige hosted betaalpagina.

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Integreer uw betalingsproces direct in uw checkout.

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Integratie op maat

Creëer een integratie direct via onze API.

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Kant-en-klare integraties

Wij bieden kant-en-klare integraties voor de populaire ecommerce platformen.

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When customers pay through KBC or CBC, they're forwarded to their own, familiar online banking environment where the payment details are already filled in. The customer can choose between authorizing the payment through a card reader or by sending the payment to the smartphone app by scanning a QR code. Once the payment is authorised, it's guaranteed.

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