Automate your accountant export

MultiSafepay’s latest update to the MultiSafepay Control aims at improving your administration tasks. You can now, upon request, automate the delivery of your accountant export. This will decrease manual work and meet your administration department needs - all at the same time.

Automated accountant export

Within the MultiSafepay Control, it is possible to manually export your administration information, via the tool called “accountant export”. This task may be repetitive and laborious, requiring manual work performed by the administration department. In order to relieve your workforce of repetitive tasks, MultiSafepay launched a new tool, the automated accountant export. As a MultiSafepay client, you can request your information to be sent to you via email, SFTP pull and SFTP push on a recurring basis. You will still be able to export manual reports via the “accountant export” at all time.

What is SFTP pull and push?

Simply put, it is a standard in the way of sharing files between systems. Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) ensure the security of the information passed between our servers and yours. With Pull we will place the file on our SFTP which you can access via a special set of credentials while with Push you need to provide us with an SFTP environment and we will place the exports on your server directly. Both methods are secure and are designed to prevent any unauthorized access to your information. The frequency of the exports can be set daily, weekly or even monthly.

Do you want more information on how to request the feature? Consult our Documentation Center.


Exporting from payout to payout

Aside from the automation improvement, MultiSafepay will shortly enhance functionality of the reports itself. You will be able to export a report in between the pay out moments. Furthermore, navigating through your accountancy export will become more convenient with the possibility to have specific filtering options, like for a specific payment method or all payouts in a specific period. This allows you to quickly get the data you need.

What if I have just initiated instant refunds?

Previously, exporting the accountant report the same day as your instant refunds created an imbalance in your export. From now on, your accountancy information is updated daily, making your “accountant exports” up-to-date with latest information.

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