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Swift, simple payments for Amazon customers

Amazon Pay is a payment method that’s, as the name suggests, created by Amazon to facilitate swift payments across various touchpoints. Essentially, the payment method leverages Amazon account details, such as shipping address and payment methods, to create a one-click purchase. 

When offering Amazon Pay, you can choose to integrate an Amazon Pay button into your checkout. For customers used to Amazon Pay, this will create instant recognition and help you boost your checkout conversion. 
Amazon Pay supports a variety of payment methods, such as credit cards, SEPA transfers, local payment methods, and invoicing or financing products. 

Growing internationally

Amazon Pay is still most popular in the United States but is expanding to international markets. With Amazon becoming more prominent and popular, adding the payment method to your payment mix is an excellent approach to creating a checkout that meets the needs of a diverse audience. 





Amazon Pay features:
  • Chargebacks
  • Discounts
  • Second Chance
  • Full, partial, and API refunds

Powered by Amazon
For more information, read Amazon Pay

Customer benefits:

  • No need to enter full payment method or shipping address details
  • Easy to use
  • Optimized for all devices

Merchant benefits:

  • Highly safe payment method
  • Boost checkout conversion for Amazon users
  • Recognizable brand name to add to checkout

How Amazon Pay works

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Amazon is a recognizable brand, and is already a big player in the American market. Being an early adopter and offering Amazon Pay in Europe can help you get ahead of the pack when it comes to serving Amazon customers.”

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