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Open your business to Portugal with Multibanco, the country's leading payment method 

Multibanco is a payment method that provides a smooth payment process, which is underlined by it being used for 85% of online transactions in Portugal. 

By incorporating Multibanco into your webshop your customers can make payments using their banking environment without sharing sensitive data, in just a few seconds. 

Furthermore, by accepting payments with Multibanco, you connect to a network with over 20 million people, ensuring the growth and reliability of your online business. 





Key benefits:

  • No upfront costs 
  • Widely accepted in the Portuguese market 
  • Easy to implement and integrated directly into your checkout 
  • Compliant with PSD2 regulations 

Merchant benefits:

  • No chargebacks
  • Automatic reconciliation between the order reference number and payment. 
  • Trusted by millions of users
  • Easy implementation in your checkout 

Customer benefits:

  • Reliability
    Multibanco is well-known and trusted by the Portuguese
  • Security
    No sensitive data needs to be shared as the user pays directly from their banking environment

How Multibanco works

Recevoir les paiements de Multibanco payments par le biais de Multisafepay

  • Pas de frais de démarrage
  • Plus de 30 méthodes de paiement locales et internationales sous un seul contrat
  • Développement en interne avec un excellent support technique

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Multibanco is an absolute must in the Portuguese market, which is illustrated by its 85% usage rate. If you operate in Portugal, Multibanco should be a mainstay in your strategy."

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