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Next-day Buy Now, Pay Later payouts - by Openbank & Santander

Zinia is the consumer postpay solution by Openbank and Santander Consumer Finance. Offering this payment method will allow you to leverage these trusted and recognizable brands amongst their existing customer base. 
One of the main USPs of Zinia is it allows for next-day clearing of funds. When you’ve shipped your order, Zinia will pay out your funds within a day – as opposed to the payment periods of other BNPLs that can lead up to 21 days. 
With rising controversy surrouding the late fees that many BNPL providers charge to their customers, Zinia has chosen another, consumer-friendly path. Zinia’s late payment fees are very low, which is a good step towards a more consumer-friendly BNPL landscape.

The numbers

Throughout Europe, Zinia is used by more than 2 million consumers, and currently offered by more than 60.000 businesses in their online checkout. 





Created by Openbank and Santander Consumer Finance
For more information, visit Zinia

Customer benefits:

  • Highly customer friendly due to fair and low late fees
  • Powered by reputable, familiar brands

Merchant benefits:

  • Fast payouts due to next-day clearing
  • Available both online and in-person
  • Focus on the relationship with you the merchant and not the consumer

How Zinia works

Recevoir les paiements de Zinia payments par le biais de Multisafepay

  • Pas de frais de démarrage
  • Plus de 30 méthodes de paiement locales et internationales sous un seul contrat
  • Développement en interne avec un excellent support technique

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Zinia is a great payment method for both merchant and consumer. By offering various payment methods, fair late fees, and next day payouts, the payment method is perfectly suited to offer great experiences for everyone involved."

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