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We have native support for Euros (EUR), Pounds (GBP) and Dollars (USD). Payments may be accepted in additional currencies on request.

In order to start accepting payments on your website, there are a number of steps to complete.

1. Add your website to your MultiSafepay account 

2. Choose a plugin or API reference for your website

3. Find your Site ID and Site Secure Code. You will need these codes to complete the implementation of the MultiSafepay payment system. Find out more here.

You will find a complete overview of the necessary steps to start processing payments on the Getting Started page.


It is possible to add an unlimited number of websites to your MultiSafepay account. Please keep in mind, however, that the websites added to your account must be operated by the same legal company for which the MultiSafepay account was created.

If you wish to process payments for a website operated by a separate legal entity, you will have to sign up for an additional MultiSafepay account.

You can choose to either add your website to your MultiSafepay account manually, or by using our site wizard. For detailed instructions please consult the help guides for MultiSafepay Control.

In order to pay out funds on your MultiSafepay account to your business bank account, your MultiSafepay account must be fully activated. You can check this by logging in on MultiSafepay Control. Select 'Pay-out' from the Dashboard to the left. If your account is not fully activated, you will see a red bar at the top of the screen containing a link to the page where you may upload the documents necessary for the approval of your account.

In order to withdraw your balance from your MultiSafepay account and transfer it to your own business bank account, your documentation and the information on your website needs to be checked and approved by our Screening department.

You will automatically receive an email once your account has been approved. Keep in mind, however, that you can process payments from your customers as soon as you create an account and implement your website. Your funds will be held on your MultiSafepay account pending the approval of your account.

You can choose to pay out the balance on your MultiSafepay account manually or automatically.

Yes. MultiSafepay does not process payments for illegal or certain high risk items. If you are unsure whether this might include some of your products please contact our Sales department.

MultiSafepay will ask you to submit a number of documents in order to fully activate your account. After your account has been fully activated it is possible to withdraw funds from your account and transfer them to your business bank account. Which documents are required depends on the legal structure/entity of a company. 

Do you want to know which products and services cannot be sold using the MultiSafepay payment gateway? Click here

  • Copy Chamber of Commerce extract 
  • Copy valid ID of the directors and/or persons with an interest of 25 percent (or more) in a company, e.g. via shares, control, or profit sharing
  • A payment in the amount of 1 EUR transferred from your business bank account (you can initiate this procedure in MultiSafepay Control). Alternatively, you can provide a copy of a bank statement/screenshot taken in your online banking environment including IBAN and company name. Important: the company name on your bank statement must be an exact match with one of the trade names on your Chamber of Commerce extract. 
  • Signed MultiSafepay Agreement for processing online payments. We kindly request you sign/fill in both pages.

Additionally, we kindly request you list the following information on your website(s):

  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • VAT number
  • General Terms and Conditions including right of withdrawal (14 days)
  • Company name, address, phone number, email address.
  • Privacy Policy

Disclaimer: The information on this website is intended as general information. No rights can be derived from this information. While the information on this page has been compiled by MultiSafepay with the utmost attention to detail, we do not accept liability for any errors or omissions. By using this page and / or using the information provided on or via this website, you agree to the applicability of this disclaimer.



MultiSafepay has a range of standard payment methods which can be accepted immediately. We also offer a range of additional payment methods that can be made available upon request. In order to accept these additional payment methods you may be asked to provide extra information or documentation to meet the requirements.

You can submit a request for an additional payment method by contacting MultiSafepay. 


No problem. At MultiSafepay, any applicable monthly fees will be charged only as soon as your existing contract with your current Payment Service Provider has ended. You will have full access to all MultiSafepay features and prevent unnecessary costs. If you wish to know more about our switching service, please contact us.

MultiSafepay is legally required to establish and verify the identity of the Ultimate Beneficial Owners.

What is an Ultimate Beneficial Owner?

An Ultimate Beneficial Owner is natural person  that holds a certain equity interest or exercises control of the company. An Ultimate Beneficial Owner is also referred to as an UBO.

This occurs typically in the following situations:

  •          An individual holds an equity interest of 25%  or more of the shares or capital of the enterprise; or
  •          Exercises 25% or more of the voting rights; or
  •          Exercises de facto control over the affairs of the enterprise meaning the individuals that in practice determine matter; or
  •          Exercises other special rights of  25% or more over the capital of the enterprise,(meaning that an individual holds specific control as a result of for instance, rights granted in the articles of incorporation.


Guidance with regard to enterprise group structures

If the enterprise consists of a number of (intermediate) holding companies then the Ultimate Beneficial Owner information will pertain to the final owner of these companies. The Ultimate Beneficial Owner(s) are all those who, through various companies, have  25% or more control of this underlying company.


Does every enterprise have an Ultimate Beneficial Owner?

No, within the definition under the law it is possible that an enterprise does not have an Ultimate Beneficial Owner . For instance in the case that an enterprise has five owners with an equal distribution of capital and control. Each of the owners in this case has does not have 25% of more of the ownership.


To clarify matters we have the following example:

  •          The limited company Good Ltd has a sole shareholder Better Ltd..

o    The shares of Better ltd. Are held equally by two other limited companies:

  •   Anders ltd. - has two equal shareholders:
  •          Mr. A. Jansen
  •          Ms. Jansen
  •   Best ltd. - has one sole shareholder:
  •          Ms. D. Best

The three Ultimate Beneficial Owners are therefore:

-       Mr. A. Jansen

-       Ms  B. Jansen - de Jong

-       Ms. D. Best

The details of all Ultimate Beneficial Owners are to be provided in the form ‘Statement of Ultimate Beneficial Owner’.  The color copy of the identity documents of these individuals needs to be uploaded in the account.

For more information please contact your account manager or our screening department at the following e-mail address [email protected]


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