If a credit card payment of a consumer receives the status 'declined', this may be for several reasons. The consumer can contact their credit card issuer to inquire as to why the credit card payment has been 'declined'. 

For questions about credit card payments and/or a payment status (of a credit card transaction), please contact us.


To perform a refund by logging in on MultiSafepay Control. In the Dashboard select 'Transactions', then click on 'Transaction overview'. In the overview you can select the completed transaction you wish to refund. Once selected, you will find a detailed description of the payment Under the heading 'Order summary' you can click on 'Refund order' to initiate the refund.

An MT940 file is a format used to export financial transaction details, similar to a bank statement. MT940 is a universal structure which is compatible with various formats.

In MultiSafepay Control, it is possible to export financial information according to format, date, currency, and bank account number, among others.

Your accountancy software should contain the following features to ensure a seamless import and reconciliation of financial data:

- Software should contain option to process MT940 files

- The order numbers used in our files (f.e. 200160526) should also be available in your accountancy software

- The customer names and order amounts should coincide with those listed in your accountancy software.

The final two points mentioned above are not an issue if a connection between the web shop and the accountancy software  has been established.

MT940 supports the following formats, among others:

- CSV (financial reporting only)

- Excel

You can find more information about MT940 here under 'Reports and Data Export'.

As soon as your MultiSafepay account has been fully activated, you are able to pay out the funds. Log in on MultiSafepay Control and select 'Finance' and 'Balance' in the Dashboard. Here you have the option to schedule automatic withdrawals by selecting one or more days, the preferred amount per pay out, reserve an amount (f.e. to perform a refund), and select the bank account number on which you wish to receive the amount. 

You may also withdraw funds manually by simply selecting an amount and and bank account number. 

Withdrawing funds costs 0.50 EUR per withdrawal.

Since 2016, MultiSafepay has expanded its payment services by including so-called acquiring services for some payment methods. This means that for payment methods such as Bancontact, MultiSafepay can offer end-to-end payment processing and reporting services, which contributes to  increased availability and reliability.  As a result, we are required to start charging VAT per 1 January 2017.

If MultiSafepay can include your local VAT registration number in its monthly invoice, standard Dutch VAT of 21% can be shifted and will therefore not be charged to you.

The VAT is calculated based on all MultiSafepay fees: transaction fees, bank fees, and withdrawal and refund rates. As always, the transaction fees are charged as the transaction is processed. The bank rates and VAT will be charged in your account at the beginning of the next month. 

The VAT is automatically deducted from your account balance at the end of the month. You can look up exact amounts by using ‘VAT or 'Invoice’ as a search query in your transaction overview. You will receive your invoice by e-mail. Additionally, all VAT invoices will be added to your account. The invoice is for administrational purposes only; you do not need to settle the amount separately.

You can find your monthly VAT invoice in MultiSafepay Control. Log in on your account and navigate to 'Finance' > 'Invoices'.

The VAT invoice is also sent to the email address listed under 'Financial email' in your MultiSafepay account. If you have not added an email address under 'Financial email', your invoices will be sent to the main email address as listed in your account. You can add a financial email address by selecting 'Contact Information' in your account and adding your preferred email addresses.  

You can edit the email address in your account by selecting the drop-down-menu in the right hand corner of your screen next to the search bar. Click on 'Contact Details' and add your preferred email address under  'Financial email'. Click 'Save' to complete the changes. Reverse-charging VAT is possible in the event that you use our payment services, but are registered as a non-Dutch company. 

Reverse-charging VAT is possible in the event that you use our payment services, but are registered as a non-Dutch company. To reverse-charge VAT it is important that your VAT number is registered at MultiSafepay. You cannot reverse-charge VAT if your VAT number is unknown to MultiSafepay. To register your VAT number, please send an email to [email protected] 

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