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Update SSL certificates

15th of December 2016

Update MultiSafepay SSL certificates

On the 15th of December MultiSafepay will renew its certificates for its primary domain. This change will also have an impact on sub-domains of the zone (e.g.,

As with the previous certificates, the new certificates will be based upon a 2048 bits public/private key-pair and will be using a sha256RSA signature algorithm.
Since the new certificates will have a different serial number and will be part of a different certificate chain, containing new CA and root certificates, it might be necessary for the connecting servers/clients to update their trusted certificate stores.

Please take the following in account:

In general most browsers keep their trust stores with trusted CA and root certificates up to date automatically and no action is needed for the end-user.
On servers there could be issues if the operating system is installed without or with an outdated common ca-certificates package (e.g. ca-certificates and ca-certificates-java on Debian based systems).
Some very restricted systems could only allow connections to a server once its certificate is stored within the private and manually maintained trust store.

We already loaded the new certificates to our merchant test platform and would like to ask you to submit a transaction request to one of the following test addresses:  (for XML-api)  (for JSON-api)
If your system is able to submit a transaction to and receive a valid response from our test environment, no further actions should be necessary on your servers.
In case your system does not receive a valid response or you experience any other issues, please contact us at the following email address:
[email protected]
This will allow us to contact you and help you resolve the issue at hand as soon as possible, so the transition to our new certificates will not affect you in your production environment.
Merchants who needed to add the new certificates to their servers trust stores manually are requested to inform us via aforementioned email address. This will allow us to contact you directly in case of future changes (revocation/duplicates/etc) to our certificates.
MultiSafepay Tech Support