This guide explains the required steps in order to successfully set up MultiSafepay as the payment provider in WooCommerce. It assumes that you already have a working installation of WordPress with WooCommerce installed.

Before continuing you may want to review our Getting Started guide.


We recommend uninstalling any previous versions of the MultiSafepay modules for WooCommerce before installing a newer version.

Unzip and upload the plugin contents to the root directory of your WordPress installation.

Select and Configure the Payment Module

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel
  2. Navigate to the Plugins section and activate the MultiSafepay module  
  3. Navigate to the WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payment Gateways  
  4. Click on the MultiSafepay tab to configure the module

  5. Enter the following settings

    Enable MultiSafepay


    Notification URL

    This is the Notification URL MultiSafepay uses to update the order statuses in the back office of your website.

    Account ID

    Your MultiSafepay account ID

    Site ID

    The MultiSafepay Site ID for this website

    Site Secure Code

    The MultiSafepay Site Secure Code for this website

    MultiSafepay Sandbox

    Unchecked. Check this to enable the test environment.


    Enabling ‘Gateway Selection’ will have each payment method shown as a seperate option in the checkout process.

    Gateway Description

    Allows you to provide a message when users select a payment method.

    Send invoice after completed transaction

    Check to send an invoice to the consumer after the transaction has been completed

    Send order confirmation

    Check to send an order confirmation message when the transaction has been initialized

  6. Save your changes


We recommend verifying the functionality once the plugin has been installed and configured. 

Verify Plugin Installation

Optional: Gateway configuration

Enabling Gateway Selection in step 3 allows you to configure individual payment gateways. 

Enable this gateway

Enable to activate the payment method

Gateway Description

Customize the name of the payment method