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Spanish e-commerce continues to flourish


The Spanish e-commerce is expected to show an annual growth rate of 10.02% by 2020, according to data published on Statista. The average amount spent per Spanish online shopper amounts to a little over 925 USD. 

The projections by Statista are based on figures of the sale of physical goods via digital channels and purchases via desktops and mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) and do not include, for example, digital media purchases, B2B markets, or 'digitally distributed services' such as plane tickets. However, according to an article published on the website of Swiss delivery service Asendia, a large majority of Spanish e-shoppers (65%) prefer to buy leisure products and services online such as restaurant reservations, tickets, books, and music. 

After leisure products,most Spanish consumers buy travel products (63%) and fashion (55%) online. According to Asendia, the wide range of products purchased online by Spanish consumers shows promise for cross-border sales. 

Most Spanish consumers apparently ask their friends and family members for advice on where to shop online. This means that building a great reputation with excellent customer service is crucial in order to grow your client base. Investing in mobile responsive technology is an important factor here, since an increasing number of online shoppers use a mobile device to complete their purchase: the number of consumers to complete an online purchase on a mobile device increased by 12% since 2014, meaning that 35% of online shoppers use a mobile device to pay for their products. This demonstrates the great m-commerce potential of the Spanish market. 

As for preferred payment methods, a vast majority (72%) of Spanish e-shoppers prefer to pay for online products using PayPal. Another preferred payment method in Spain is the credit card (VISA, MasterCard, etc.).