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Il plugin di MultiSafepay per OpenCart

Integra facilmente le soluzioni di pagamento di MultiSafepay nel tuo shop OpenCart con il nuovo plugin gratuito di MultiSafepay per Opencart. Il nostro plugin per OpenCart é supportato in maniera professionale ed é regolarmente aggiornato per includere le ultime caratteristiche sia di OpenCart che di MultiSafepay.

Version Suitable for Plugin Manual
2.2.0 OpenCart 3.x Download View
2.1.0 OpenCart 3.x Download View
2.0.2 OpenCart 2.3+ Download View
2.0.1, Download View
2.0.0 OpenCart 2.0.0 Download View
1.8.1 OpenCart Download View
1.8.0 OpenCart Download
1.7.2 OpenCart Download
1.7.1 OpenCart Download
1.7.0 OpenCart Download
1.6.0 OpenCart 1.5 Download
1.5.0 OpenCart 1.5 Download

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Tutti i vantaggi di MultiSafepay

Integrated payment menu

Let customers select their favorite payment method without leaving your web shop.

Accounting integration

Import your transaction data to your accounting system using standardized methods.

Real-time transaction status

The ability to ship products immediately after payment thanks to real-time status updates in your back office.

Full technical support

Our technical support team is trained by our in-house plugin developers to answer any questions you might have.

User payment process

Create multiple payment pages in the look and feel of your shop. Offer your customers a seamless payment experience in a trusted environment.

Advanced fraud prevention

The Multisafepay fraud prevention features are included with all accounts. Receive updates, risk scores and customize your detection rules.

Multiple sites in one account

Add an unlimited amount of web shops to your account without any extra costs. There are no hidden charges for use of additional features.

Multi Currency & languages

The option to display responsive payment pages for your international clients in their local language and currency.

Sell on all devices

Your customers can pay quickly and easily using a desktop or mobile device. Responsive payment pages automatically adapt to any screen size.