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Webshop Fraud Tripled

11/13/2013 Industry news

Bad news for shop owners. The number of reported instances of fraud tripled in 2013.

In 2012 2.730 consumers made transactions against unscrupulous web shops. This year, that number rose to 8,635. The monetary figure these transactions represent double, more than half a million last year to 1.3 million this year.

Maleficent webshops more professional

The rogue web shops are becoming more professional. They distort CoC numbers, steal the identities of other shops, and use fake certificates in an attempt to appear genuine.


Post-After-Delivery increases customer satisfaction

MultiSafepay ensures that consumers do not have to worry about buying from an unknown shop. Research has shown that post-payment method is the most customer friendly. Offering a retrospective payment creates reliable and safe atmosphere for consumers to shop.

Accepting Post-After-Delivery

The retrospective payment Pay-After-Delivery is a 100% guaranteed payment. MultiSafepay guarantees the consumers payment to the merchant.