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Ready for Magento 2


Magento 2.0 was officially released on Wednesday 18 November 2015. The main focus of this new release is ensuring the best customer journey with omni-channel solutions.

What’s new?

When comparing Magento 2.0 to previous releases a lot has improved; full responsive design, new technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3, a new Visual Design Editor for quick and easy adjustments to the theme of your CMS, CSS, pre-processing, a flexible front-end library, improved page speed, a new user-friendly interface, and the new testing framework feature designed for automated testing.

MultiSafepay Magento 2 plugin

Magento is currently the leading open source e-commerce solution in the Netherlands. Most of our customers use this powerful platform. MultiSafepay greatly values the importance of being at the forefront of the latest developments. That is why the beta extension of our Magento 2.0 plugin for partners will be released this week. The feedback will be used to continue developing the plugin. The official release of the plugin is set for early January, so that our Magento customers can ring in the new year with the latest version of Magento!


Do you have any questions about Magento 2? Are you a MultiSafepay partner and do you want to test the beta-version? Please contact us by calling +31 20 8500500 or send an email to [email protected].