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Fastcheckout in Your Online Shop

Boost conversion on all devices with 1-click payments

Multiple Payment Methods

Offer all available payment options to your customers, including credit cards, iDEAL, and more.

Online & Mobile Friendly

A quick and convenient checkout process that your customers will love.

Digital Wallet 

1-click payments in your online shop to boost conversion rates.

3-step Checkout

Customers select their preferred shipping and payment method, and only need to provide an email address and a password to order. 

So why not start today? The integration is just as quick. Plugins come standard and we have a great API that allows you to dive into the code.


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Straightforward & Secure

Higher conversion rates. Happy customers. 

Fastcheckout +

Does your webshop already support online payments? No problem. Fastcheckout works perfectly alongside your existing checkout process, regardless of your current payment processor.

Buyers Protection

Higher levels of customer confidence result in higher sales. 

With Fastcheckout Guaranteed consumers profit from additional security and protection. In case of delivery failure after payment, Fastcheckout offers a insurance up to €200 per order.

With the personal attention from MultiSafepay we were able to accept fashioncheque, shortly after our integration. Fashioncheque targets the right audience for our web shop, it resulted in a higher conversion rate.