3-D Secure

3-D Secure is an an additional security layer for online credit card transactions. All credit card schemes have their own name for this feature, e.g. Verified by VISA (VISA) and MasterCard Secure Code (MasterCard).

After entering the card details 3-D Secure asks for an extra security code that only the card holder knows. This way the card holder can authenticate the transaction. There are several procedures for 3-D, depending on the bank/issuer. It can be for example a pincode, a text message or a generated code via the banking app.

Not all credit cards are enrolled for 3-D Secure. You can check if a card is 3-D enrolled via the ‘Risk Overview’ in your MultiSafepay transaction details page on MultiSafepay Control. Here you find an overview of all 3-D Secure statuses:

3-D SecureDescription
No LiabilityNo 3-D Secure: increased chance of chargebacks
Not Enrolled, Liabilityno 3-D Secure: increased chance of chargebacks
Enrolled Liability3-D Secure: low chance of chargebacks.

Important: only European credit cards are enrolled for 3-D Secure. When a US credit card has the 3-D Secure status ‘Enrolled liability”, the risk of a chargeback is still high. Please remember that 3-D secure does not mean that you are 100% risk free of chargebacks. The risk of accepting a credit card payment is always at the merchant.

There are many issued credit cards that are not 3-D Secured. This does not mean payments with these cards are invalid. Use the ‘Risk Overview’ on MultiSafepay Control to review a credit card transaction.

Uncleared Transaction

An uncleared transaction is a card payment that is put on hold by MultiSafepay’s fraud filter. This is mostly because of wrong data, for example: 

  • IP adress is different from the card’s origin 
  • There is a high amount of recent payment (attempts) of this customer, based on IP, card or email address.
  • Multiple cards have been used with the same email address.

When you have an uncleared transaction you can use these guidelines a.o. to review: 

  • Do I know the customer? How is his payment history?
  • Is the total amount unusually high?
  • Is the card issues in Europe or somewhere else? Only cards issued in Europe and 3-D enrolled are covered.
  • Did the customer try multiple times to pay before the transaction succeeded? Perhaps his previous attempts are ‘Declined’ (for a good reason).
  • Is the ordered product easy to resell on marketplaces?

Important: when uncleared transactions are not processed (accepted or declined) within 5 days, the transaction is cancelled by the credit card scheme. The status will be updated to 'Cancelled’.

An uncleared transaction always gets a fraud score between 0 and 10. When the fraud score is 8 or higher, the payment can only be accepted by an employee of MultiSafepay. Please use our Contact page to get in touch with MultiSafepay. As a merchant you will always be responsible for the transactions that you receive.  

Did you receive a 'Completed' credit card payment but you do not trust it? Refund the transaction and do not ship your product(s). It is possible that the fraud filter does not stop a fraudulent credit card payment. Please remember to always review your credit card payments. 

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