This guide explains the required steps in order to successfully set up MultiSafepay as the payment provider in ZenCart. It assumes that you already have a working installation of ZenCart.

Before continuing you may want to review our Getting Started guide.


We recommend uninstalling any previous versions of the MultiSafepay modules for ZenCart before installing a newer version.

Unzip and upload the plugin contents to the root directory of your ZenCart installation.

Order Status Configuration

Only perform this step if youhave not already assigned the order statuses within ZenCart for MultiSafepay.

  1. Navigate to  Location ->  Order Status in your ZenCart Back Office

  2. Insert the following order statuses

    CompletedPayment Completed
    UnclearedPayment Uncleared

Install the MultiSafepay payment method

  1. Navigate to Modules  -> Payment
  2. Select the MultiSafepay payment method and click Install

  3. Enter the following information

    MultiSafepay Enabledtrue
    Account IdYour MultiSafepay account Id
    Site IdThe MultiSafepay Site Id for this website
    Site Security CodeThe MultiSafepay Site Secure Code for this website
    API ServerLive
    Payment Zonenone
    Sort Order0. The position of MultiSafepay in the payment menu.
    Initialized Order StatusInitialized
    Completed Order StatusCompleted
    Uncleared Order StatusUncleared
    Reserved Order StatusReserved
    Voided Order Statusdefault
    Declined Order StatusDeclined
    Expired Order StatusExpired
  4. Click Update


We recommend verifying the functionality once the plugin has been installed and configured. 

Verify Plugin Installation