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Netherlands leads the field of m-commerce


Dutch consumers lead the way when it comes to mobile shopping. In the Netherlands the M-Commerce share of online revenue grew 419% in the last quarter of 2012. In comparison, the next largest growth was in Scandinavia where growth was "only" 150%.

It is noteworthy that smartphones are used heavily during the preliminary stage of the customer journey. Consumers wish to obtain information in an efficient manner between other tasks. Tablets are also popular for this. The study found that Apple users purchase more online than Android users. Sales on Apple devices represented 54.2 percent of mobile purchases. The conversion rate on Apple devices is also significantly higher than with other devices. The average conversion of an iPad user is 2 percent, while other mobile devices fluctuates around 0.5 percent. 

This trend is particularly strong in the Netherlands. Around 66 percent of mobile purchases here are done using an iPad.