Secure online payments


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HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.


Secure online payments

MultiSafepay ensures that online payment transactions are processed using the highest level of security. Our safety standards meet even the most stringent security requirements, designed to guarantee a secure network for data security and data protection. In a card-not-present situation MultiSafepay also enables you to identify, manage and control fraud risks. We keep the risk of fraud to a minimum using 3-D Secure technology to determine the authenticity of credit-card users, filters and daily controls.

Security of payment
PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)
MultiSafepay operates according to strict Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) guidelines. All organisations involved in the storage, processing and/or transferring of payment card data are required to comply with the guidelines. PCI DSS was developed by the founding payment institutes of the PCI Security Standards Council, including American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, MasterCard and Visa, to improve the adoption of consistent data security measures globally. This standard was created to help organisations to proactively protect customer data online. For further information, please visit

Secure internet connection – SSL
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a standard protocol created to achieve a safe connection between one computer and another. This public key encryption technology is used to encrypt all traffic and guarantees the identity of the sender, the receiver and the data. To verify the use of a secure SSL-connection the URL starts with https://. The keylock icon, displayed in the status bar of the browser is an additional indicator that the site is protected using SSL-technology. 

Fraud prevention

Anti-fraud module
All transactions are checked by our system daily, using a number of criteria:
  • email address versus free email address
  • the use of an anonymous proxy server
  • was the order placed from a high-risk country, for example: Colombia, Nigeria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Ukraine
  • is the country where the IP address originates the same as the shipping address
  • what is the distance between the IP address and the shipping address
  • is the country where the credit card was issued similar as the country of the IP address
  • is the IP address used for spam
  • is the credit card transaction processed via 3-D Secure
3-D Secure: authentication of credit card users
3-D Secure is designed to improve the security of online credit card transactions. The authentication of a credit card user can be carefully verified with the use of 3-D Secure, significantly reducing the risk of a charge back. MultiSafepay provides credit card transactions processed via 3-D Secure and supports Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

How does it work?
3-D Secure protects the consumer from abuse of his credit card number by controlling the authentication of the payer before payment is completed. Every payment processed via 3-D Secure is guaranteed by the Acquiring Bank.

The bank card is not activated for 3-D Secure as standard. Prior to paying, the consumer will be asked to activate 3-D Secure. After this, for each online verification of a credit card the consumer will be asked to provide a digital signature. This code will be immediately checked by the bank.

There are various digital signatures, depending on the bank. These include a self selected password, a pin code issued by the bank or a digital signature with use of a random reader.

Because not all credit card transactions are processed via 3-D Secure, the risk of a charge back is still present. To reduce the risk we recommend the following:
  • Be alert if you send high-risk products – Quite often the shipping addresses differ from invoice addresses. Be extra alert if you send high-risk products, especially if you receive payment from another country.
  • Know your customers – If you have doubts about the order we recommend you contact your customer by email or by phone, preferably a home number. You can check a home telephone number with the area code of the shipping address.      

The foundation ‘Stichting Derdengelden’ 
All in coming transactions are secured in a foundation ‘Stichting Derdengelden’ (third party funds). This provides you, as a merchant, the following reasurances:
  • third-party funds are not allowed to be used for other purposes
  • in case of bankruptcy, third-party funds are secure