CubeCart v5

This guide explains the required steps in order to successfully set up MultiSafepay as the payment provider in CubeCart. It assumes that you already have a working installation of Drupal with the CubeCart module installed.

Before continuing you may want to review our Getting Started guide.


We recommend uninstalling any previous versions of the MultiSafepay modules for CubeCart before installing a newer version.

Unzip and upload the plugin contents to the root directory of your Drupal installation.


There are two different ways to configure the MultiSafepay plugin for Magento. 

  1. Basic
    Using the basic configuration MultiSafepay will be shown in the payment menu within Magento. The customer can select their preferred payment method on the next screen.
  2. Separate gateways
    Under the separate gateways configuration customers select their preferred payment method directly on the Magento payment menu. This creates a simpler and faster payment process than the Basic method.

Both methods are configured in a similar manner

  1. In the Drupal configuration navigate to Modules -> Payment Gateways
  2. To configure MultiSafepay in the Basic mode click to configure the MultiSafepay logo without a payment method 
    To configure MultiSafepay in the Separate Gateways mode you must configure each payment method you want to provide separately 
  3. Enter the following configuration settings


    Enable or disable the MultiSafepay shop module for CubeCart.


    Enable MultiSafepay as the default payment method in your web shop.

    Enable test mode


    Select Test while configuring and validating your plugin setup

    Account ID

    Your MultiSafepay account ID

    Site ID

    The MultiSafepay Site ID for this website

    Site Secure Code

    The MultiSafepay Site Secure Code for this website

    Notify URL

    This is the Notification URL MultiSafepay uses to update the order statuses in the back office of your website


    One may provide a description which will be shown near the payment method(s).


We recommend verifying the functionality once the plugin has been installed and configured. 

Verify Plugin Installation