This page contains information for merchants that are new to Fastcheckout, and several how-to's for succesfully installing Fastcheckout in Magento webshops.

Magento Webshops

Incorrect implementations

Fastcheckout is a complete (express) checkout product. It includes shipping, payment options and a digital wallet for one-click-payments. That means that it does not make use of Magento's standard checkout pages. Please test if you have the correct implementation with the test case below:

Testing your configuration

Correct implementation

1 - Retrieve account data

  • Log in to MultiSafepay Control,
  • Find your Account ID (10XXXXXX) is in the top right corner.
  • Navigate to Settings / Website settings,
  • Select your webshop,
  • Find your Site ID, (Site) Secure Code and API key (optional) in the box.

2 - Go to MultiSafepay plugin

  • Log in to your Magento,
  • Navigate to System / Configuration,
  • Find 'MultiSafepay Gateways' and 'MultiSafepay Fastcheckout' in the left menu,
  • Navigate to 'MultiSafepay Fastcheckout'.

3 - Set up Fastcheckout

  • Mandatory fields:
    • Activate: Yes
    • Type account: Live account
    • Account ID: see step 1
    • Site ID: see step 1
    • Site (secure) code: see step 1
  • Optional fields:
    • API key: see step 1 (necessary for refunds through Magento)
    • Credit memo: Yes when API key is entered
    • Auto redirect: Yes
  • Save your configuration!

4 - Remove old configuration part 1 (Fastcheckout ONLY)

  • Log in to your Magento,
  • Navigate to System / Configuration from top menu,
  • Navigate to Sales / Payment methods in left menu,
  • Find MultiSafepay tab,
  • Set Activated: No
  • Save your configuration!

5 - Remove old configuration part 2 (Fastcheckout ONLY)

  • Navigate to Sales / MultiSafepay Gateways in left menu,
  • Open first Payment method tab,
  • Set activation: No
  • Continue untill all payment methods are deactivated (all payment methods configured in MultiSafepay Control will still be available in Fastcheckout).

If you have Fastcheckout ONLY, next step is to hide the Magento checkout .

Hide Magento checkout

Hiding the standard (Magento) checkout process is advised for Fastcheckout ONLY merchants (no MultiSafepay Connect, or other 3rd-party payment methods in webshop).

Hiding the standard button should be done through CSS. Follow the next steps, or send it to your web developer:

  • Go to your webshop configuration,
  • Find the .css file: ~/skin/frontend/<uw-thema>/default/css/<uw-default-stylesheet>.css
  • Open the styles.css (default, can differ depending on theme),
  • Add line: .btn-proceed-checkout, .checkout-button {display:none}
  • Save .css file,
  • Refresh the Magento and your browser cache.

After the changes, the standard checkout button in your magento theme is hidden. All your customers will be redirected to Fastcheckout. Please note: you can easily reverse the changes by deleting the line of code.

Remove -Or Use- above button

After hiding Magento's checkout, it is possible that the text "-Or Use" is still located above the button. Follow these steps to hide this text:

  • Go to your webshop configuration (FTP),
  • Locate file: ~\app\design\frontend\base\default\template\msp\linkText.phtml,
  • Find rule 10:  <?php echo $this->__('- Or use -') ?>,
  • Replace code with: <?php /*echo $this->__('- Or use -')*/ ?>
  • Save file.


New customers

Create a MultiSafepay account

You can create an account with MultiSafepay be registering for MultiSafepay Control. This will also be your personal management tool for your webshop(s) and transactions.

Create a live account

Install your plugin

MultiSafepay has developed several plugins to connect your webshop software:

Webshop software Version MSP plugin release
Magento 1.4+ 1.2.9+
VirtueMart 1 Joomla 1.5+ and Virtuemart 1.19+ 1.16+
PrestaShop 1.4 1.4+ 1.6.0+
OpenCart 1.4 1.7.0+
ZenCart 1.5+ 2.0.0+
osCommerce 2.2+ 1.21+
WooCommerce Wordpress 3.8+ and WooCommerce 2.2+ 2.1.0+
WP E-Commerce Wordpress 3.4.2+ and WP-Ecommerce 1.5.0+

Click on the plugin to find the latest download and installation guide.

Are you using Lightspeed? Please follow these instructions.

Wish to make a custom integration? Please see our API-Reference.

Add a new website

In order to add a new website to your account follow these steps:

  • Login to MultiSafepay Control,
  • Navigate to Websites,
  • Click the blue Add new website,
  • Fill in all the required fields,
  • Click Continue.

To add your webshop logo to the Fastcheckout payment pages, please follow these next steps.

  • Login to MultiSafepay Control,
  • Navigate to the Payment page templates page,
  • Upload your logo as a new file.
  • Navigate to the Website settings page,
  • Choose your uploaded file for the setting Payment logo (Fastcheckout).

For more instructions on how to use MultiSafepay Control, please visit the MultiSafepay Control documentation.

Ready! You can start receiving payments today

Please note that you need to pass MultiSafepay's Screening Procedure before you can do payouts. Log in to your MultiSafepay Control account to go through the steps and/or see the status of your screening.

UX Guidelines

Fastcheckout button

Do you wish to design your own button with payment logo's? Use the Logo Designer tool in MultiSafepay Control.

Button placement

The Fastcheckout-button should be placed on the checkout page(s) of your webshop. This is located where you find the native checkout button in the shopping cart or a login/register page.


Shopping Cart (recommended)

Place the Fastcheckout button under the native checkout button of your webshop. Does your webshop ONLY offer Fastcheckout? Then hide the button and replace it with Fastcheckout.

Login / Register

The button can also be placed on the login / register / guest checkout page.