Account Approval

Screening process

Once the MultiSafepay payment gateway is integrated on your website you can start processing transaction. In order to transfer funds on your MultiSafepay account to your business bank account, MultiSafepay's Risk and Screening department is legally required to perform a check. After your account has been fully approved you can initiate a pay-out to your business bank account in MultiSafepay Control

Click here to view MultiSafepay's acceptance policy. 

Required documents

In order to perform the check mentioned above, we kindly request you upload the following documents* in your account: 

  • Copy certified Chamber of Commerce extract (no older than six months)
  • Copy (in color) valid ID of the directors and/or of the person(s) with 25 percent or more interest in a company, i.e. shares, control, or profit sharing. 
  • A payment in the amount of 1 EUR transferred from your business bank account. You can initiate this payment here. Important: the trade name of your business bank account must be an exact match to (one of) the trade name(s) listed on you Chamber of Commerce extract. 
  • Signed MultiSafepay agreement 

*Documents mentioned above are the 'standard requirements' in order to perform a check. Please note that depending on certain factors - such as company structure - you may be asked to provide some additional documents. 

Connecting your website(s) in your MultiSafepay account

Go to MultiSafepay Control and click on 'Go to activation' to add your website(s) under the header 'Websites'. In order to process payments, you need a Site ID and Site Secure Code, and/or an API Key. The Site ID and Site Secure Code must be entered in your shop plugin. 

Required information on your website

In addition to documents mentioned above, we request that you list the following information on your website: 

  • Chamber of Commerce number
  • VAT number
  • General Terms and Conditions including the right to withdrawal (14 days)
  • Privacy policy
  • Full legal company name, company address, phone number, email address.

Credit cards

In order to process credit cards** we request you to provide the following information: 

  • Minimum order value
  • Average order value
  • Maximum order value
  • Yearly turnover credit cards

This information is in accordance with Dutch (and European) rules and regulations.

**Please note that there is a possibility that your request to process credit cards will be denied, e.g. because a certain product category is not allowed by a processing bank. 

Do you have any questions about this process? Contact us. 

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