Style Italy: Cross Border E-Commerce


What started out as a clothing store in Amsterdam has become an international e-commerce success. Style Italy is a retail company specialized in Italian men and women’s fashion. Fashionistas can shop in their boutiques in Amsterdam and Spain, or purchase their favorite items online. The online market offers Style Italy endless possibilities. Launching an online shop was the perfect way to bring their products to a larger, international audience. 


From boutique to online shop

Style Italy* started in Amsterdam, and recently opened a second boutique in Spain. It didn’t take them long to conquer the German and Belgian markets. In collaboration with communication company Causeffect, they developed a global concept. Causeffect was responsible for the re-branding of Style Italy. The new online shop was built, optimized for target audiences and, as a result, they saw their audience grow. This allowed the online shop to expand, to the point that its reach extended beyond Dutch borders.

Easy payments, for everyone all over Europe

One of the most important facet of an online shop is, of course, the right payment methods. The payment process needs to be dependable and efficient. That’s why Style Italy uses the payment services provided by MultiSafepay. As a result it is not just easy to do business in the Netherlands, but also beyond. Thanks to MultiSafepay all payments are easy to monitor and customers can easily pay online anywhere in the world. 

Greater success thanks to e-commerce

By investing in e-commerce, Style Italy has become very successful. Their main focus now lies beyond Dutch borders. Thanks to the e-commerce strategy laid out by Causeffect and MultiSafepay’s payment platform, it has become increasingly easy for Style Italy to do business abroad. As a result, Style Italy doesn’t just reach the Dutch market, but all of Europe.