MultiSafepay doubles market share Belgium and will become Bancontact acquirer


While the Belgian ecommerce market grew by 15% in 2015, MultiSafepay has managed to double its market share in Belgium during the same period. Additionally, the Dutch payment service provider will become an acquirer of the Belgian payment method Bancontact in April 2016. The acquirer-status will allow MultiSafepay to provide the payment method to their customers without having to involve a third party to facilitate it. 

Olaf Geurs, CEO of MultiSafepay, describes his company’s ambitions as an acquirer: ‘In the role of acquiring processor, MultiSafepay can facilitate both client relations and transaction processing for Bancontact. This means that MultiSafepay can handle all technical, financial,  and service & support procedures. Our clients will have one contact for all aspects of transaction processing for Bancontact: MultiSafepay! This will translate into increased reliability and availability of this successful payment product for both consumers and online entrepreneurs. Another advantage is that Belgian consumers may also use the popular Bancontact app to complete a payment’. 

The 15% increase of the Belgian ecommerce market is higher than growth rates in surrounding countries. MultiSafepay is aware of the growth potential of the Belgian ecommerce market, and has been active on the Belgian market for over 4 years with a Belgian Sales & Support team. MultiSafepay can provide various payment methods, including VISA, MasterCard, Sofort Banking and several other payment methods to clients with one single contract. 

Kris De Ryck, CEO of Bancontact Company, has stated the following about the collaboration with MultiSafepay: ‘The high standards of MultiSafepay both in terms of know-how and their services seamlessly matches the high standards and values of Bancontact. The increasing number of Bancontact providers underlines the importance of Bancontact as Belgium’s favorite payment method.’