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Pilot client

LeyLines operates various webshops, all by itself on different webshop platforms, such as Magento and WooCommerce. Everyone who owns a…

25 May 2021

Badjas & Multisafepay - Increasing conversion with Magento 2 features

E-commerce is growing more than ever before - and the COVID-19-pandemic significantly accelerated this development. While some more traditional brick…

20 May 2021

Buffetti & MultiSafepay - Optimizing online payments

In 1852 Luigi Buffetti set up his first printing house in Rovigo. What started as a small business has soon established itself as Italy’s market…

07 May 2021

Meet the team - Sharon Jill Nanhekhan

"Before I came to MultiSafepay, I worked for a big acquirer agency. After three years of working there, I started missing the personal contact and…

03 May 2021

Emerce100: "MultiSafepay innovates online payments"

Ever since the rise of ecommerce within the Netherlands, MultiSafepay has been taking care of companies online payment needs. The next step for the…

23 Apr 2021

New VAT rules for EU ecommerce from July 2021

As of July 1, 2021, the value-added tax (VAT) rules for EU cross-border sales will change in all EU countries. The new reform aims to strengthen the…

14 Apr 2021

MplusKASSA & MultiSafepay - Innovative solutions in uncertain times

The Leeuwarden-based company MplusKASSA responded well to the new emerging trends with their contactless ordering app system. In May 2020, shortly…

12 Apr 2021

Green consumerism: tips & tricks

As one of major trends of the 21st century, Green consumerism has taken center stage in many businesses' way of operating. Green consumerism describes…

08 Apr 2021

WooCommerce & MultiSafepay: Ready for the future

As one of the most used open source solutions for WordPress websites, WooCommerce has become one of the major platforms of the current ecommerce…

01 Apr 2021

Meet the team - Irena Gorbunova

Joining MultiSafepay

Before joining Multisafepay, Irena's career led her through various fields and companies; and her resume is quite impressive.…

29 Mar 2021