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Meet the team - Khadija Straatmijer

Joining MultiSafepay

After graduating from Communication Sciences at the VU here in Amsterdam, Khadija went to Curaçao, where she did an internship…

15 Mar 2021

Belgian ecommerce guide - Tips for a successful expansion

Knowing your audience is key for a successful business. Here at MultiSafepay, we’ve been helping merchants and partners for over 20 years by removing…

11 Mar 2021

Meet the team - Vinod Sowdagar

Joining MultiSafepay

Vinod is a key part of our development team and when it comes to Magento 2, he’s always looking for opportunities to improve and…

04 Mar 2021

Magento 2: Boost conversion through Magento Vault & Instant Purchase

With the advancement of technology, the feature sets of integrations should advance as well; to meet the needs of merchants and consumers alike. As…

03 Mar 2021

_blaenk – Creating innovation & experiences together

With _blaenk, Svenja, Sandra, Moritz, and Martin have created a completely new sales concept: "We believe that shopping is about the overall…

25 Feb 2021

ISM eCompany & MultiSafepay - a powerful partnership

There is no better approach to problem solving and creating solutions for commerce than the famous saying “two heads are better than one”. By working…

23 Feb 2021

Dutch ecommerce guide - tips for a successful expansion

Ever since our founding year, we’ve been steadily expanding and learning about the various ecommerce markets in Europe. Over these 20+ years, and…

18 Feb 2021

Meet the team - Lisa van den Bor

Joining MultiSafepay

After having worked at larger banking companies in the Netherlands and most recently in Australia, Lisa decided to leave the…

11 Feb 2021

MultiSafepay payment links - The easiest way to pay

In the current ecommerce landscape, being flexible with your payment solutions is key for your business’ success. Convenience, security and speed…

11 Feb 2021

Tips for a successful expansion to Spain

Spain is one of the biggest economies in Europe with an up-and-coming online market. It is the third-largest B2C ecommerce market in Europe, right…

05 Feb 2021